We will be doing #SubmissionSundays and posting two LGBT Somali folks! Send us a DM and include a picture (can also be concealed if you’re closeted), a bio of yourself and any work you want to showcase! 💖
On Fridays, we will also be doing Sheeko, Sheeko. We will be giving advice to fellow LGBTQ Somalis and posting it on here and our Instagram. All submissions will be anonymous. 💖
We will also be creating a blog and posting storytimes, resources, articles for LGBTQ Somalis and written by LGBTQ Somalis.
We’ll also be going on Instagram lives and do fun stuff like GRWMs, story times and also have different people come on and show off their talent or something fun for y’all! We want this to not just be trauma based. We are more than just our gender/sexuality!
In the future, we also hope to have a monetary funds for times of emergencies for our LGBTQ folks in our community and to also donate to others from time to time. ❤️
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