No- its his eyes.

Big, round, and freakishly yellow, staring right back at him.

He blinks, and furrowing his tiny brows, he cant help but think that he looks like the swamp monster if it took a selfie with a beautifying filter on.
His ear fins slope down, and its only on a second glance that he notices that his hair turned a dark, cool red, almost black. He groans, dragging himself out of the changing room to meet with Tetsutetsu. He hates body-changing quirks.
His friend is waiting for him, tapping away on his phone, giggling. When he hears Kirishima's steps he snaps his head up, greeting him loudly.

"Hey bro! What took you so l-"

The words die on his tongue, and he blinks a couple of times to take in Kirishima's appearance.
"...What the hell happened to you?" he cautiously asks, easily stepping closer.

Kirishima groans loudly, throwing his head back "Dude! I dont *know*! It mustve been the two guys on the street today!" he pouts, pointing at his own face "Im GREY!"
Tetsutetsu cant help but laugh at Kirishima's expression, patting him on the shoulder "I can see that! But hey- we kind of match now!" he grins, pointing at his own grey hair.

Kirishima smiles a bit, slowly mirroring his best friend's wide grin.
Tetsutetsu's eyes shine, and he jams two fingers past Kirishima's dark lips "Woah! Look at your teeth! They're even sharper than before!"

Kirishima makes a questioning sound in response, fishing his phone out of his pocket to turn on the front-facing camera.

Oh shit.

"And that's... Basically what happened" Kirishima slumps in Aizawa's office chair, once he's back to the dorms.

His homeroom teacher sighs deeply, massaging his temples.

"It looks like yours and Uraraka's stories perfectly overlap"
Kirishima perks up, confusion clear on his face "How... How did she know about my condition?"

"Well, you see..." Aizawa looks down to a folder in front of him, opening it and turning the first page towards Kirishima "The quirk apparently got her too"

"Uraraka! URARAKA! UR-- Ah, there you are!"

With a sprint, and pointedly ignoring everyone's stares turning towards him, Kirishima leaps over the couch Uraraka was sitting on, smoothly flopping next to her.
Some of their friends gasp in shock, others fall in a petrified silence. Was Kirishima always this agile? And this... Grey?

"Kirishima!" Uraraka yelps, surprised by the sudden proximity "It... You..."

"Yeah! Aizawa told me it got you too! Are you okay?"

"Yeah... I guess i am!"
Kirishima sighs in relief, smiling a bit "Im glad! Im okay too. This is so weird though!" he exclaims, just taking in Uraraka's appearance.

She... Doesnt have gills. Or fins. And she seems to be realizing the differences between them as well.
Her usual pink cheeks are a rusty red, and her grey skin is of a lighter tone than Kirishima's. Her horns also curve in two loops, making her look... Rounder. Friendlier. Like a fluffy black sheep.

The sound of a phone camera goes off, while someone asks "You... Have gills?"
The familiar voice pops both Kirishima and Uraraka's bubble, and they look up towards Kaminari.

"Yeah!" Kirishima nods, tilting his head to show more of the fuchsia gills on his neck "Feels weird!"
"Why doesnt Uraraka have them?" Mina excitedly asks, sitting on the floor in front of them and leaning forward, grinning wildly "I like you guys' horns by the way! Mine are way cooler though," she snickers, making Uraraka snort
"I dont know!" Kirishima replies, "I dont even know if I can still use my quirk or not!"

"Oh, i can!" Uraraka offers quickly, standing up "Watch this!"
She shoos some of their friends away, asking for silence. She hums, focusing and bringing her fingertips together. Her deep red irises are slowly eaten by white, and a sharp white aura surrounds the armchair in front of her.

Effortlessly, she makes it float, and spins it around.
The large group of teens oo's and aa's in awe, captured by the show of immense mental power.

Without breaking a sweat, the long couch next to the armchair is also lifted in the air, and the two objects spin together in the air for several seconds.
She puts them back in place with a proud smile, twirling on her spot to look back to her friends

"Cool, am i right?"

"That was THE coolest!" Kirishima loudly exclaims, while Mina jumps on her feet and asks to be spun in the air too.
"Me next!" Kaminari laughs, but Tsuyu's calm voice interrupts them.

"What about you, Kirishima? Can you still summon your quirk?"

Kirishima hums, offering an apologetic shake of the head. He stands up, stepping next to Uraraka.
He closes his eyes, focusing on his body. He sets his jaw and clenches his fists, trying to take his Unbreakable form.

Several seconds pass, but nothing happens.

Thats not good.

Uraraka places a hand on his shoulder, concern pulling her brows together


"That's so weird..." Uraraka mumbles, and she seems to be debating something in her head.

A calm voice interrupts the myriad of questions running in everyone's minds, because Todoroki asks "Why isnt Tsuyu also grey?"
"Todoroki is right!" Midoriya jumps up, eyes sparkling with something almost creepy "I also saw Tetsutetsu walking in Vlad King's office earlier- but he didnt have horns"

Uraraka and Kirishima look at each other, then at Tsuyu, then back to Todoroki and Midoriya.

They shrug.
"That didnt even look like Uraraka's regular quirk," Tokoyami quips, tilting his head from the couch "Dark Shadow says it felt different"

Uraraka hums, "Well... Maybe? It *is* kind of weird" she agrees, looking down to her hands "The padding on my fingertips disappeared, too"
"Maybe Uraraka and Kirishima acquired new powers instead, but Uraraka's are similar to her regular quirk?" Midoriya asks, looking at them.

"Does it mean Kirishima retained some of his quirk, too?" Jirou curiously leans forward, crossing her arms over the backrest if the couch.
"Guys," Kirishima sheepishly interrupts, uncomfortably scratching his jaw with his sharp, black nails "Could you... Could you maybe call me Eijiro, please?"

His friends are *definitely* taken aback at that, and Midoriya gasps briefly.

"Actually..." Uraraka bites her lip.
"Could you call me Ochako, too?"

At that, Midoriya skips the gasp and straight up blushes, covering his face with his hands, while a gruff voice behind him protests "And WHY should we do that?"

"It just feels right, man!" Kirishima huffs "Six letters... Feels right, somehow"
"Fine, whatever," the voice huffs and puffs again, and Bakugou walks around the couch to step in front of Kirishima. He inspects him closely, lightly pushing his chest to test his durability. Kirishima looks down to Bakugou's hand, but doesnt flinch.
Bakugou pushes him harder each time, until he's fully leaning on him to bring him down, but again- Kirishima doesnt move a single inch.

The class just stares.

"He looks... Pretty Unbreakable to me," Midoriya mumbles, still blushing.

"HEY! I was gonna say that!" Bakugou barks
Something in Eijiro stirs, and a click escapes his throat as he places both hands on Bakugou's tense shoulders "Hey, its okay man" he offers, but for some reason, doing... This, in public, feels wrong.

Darting a glance towards Ochako, he can sense she is a bit uncomfortable too.
But why?

"Get your swamp hands off of me!" Bakugou snaps, and Eijiro rolls his eyes.

His moirail is exhausting sometimes.

He grimaces at his own thought, gaping his mouth and frowning.

His... What now?
He lets go of Bakugou's shoulders like theyre made of coal, sweeping these weird thoughts under the metaphorical rug. Maybe he'll look later under his mental carpet.

"Can you lift us??" Kaminari and Mina ask in sync to Eijiro, jumping in front of him. He ponders it for a second,
before flashing his pearly whites with a big grin and swooping his friends up using only his palms. The two of them laugh loudly, and Eijiro perches them on each of his shoulders, their hands clutching each of his horns to steady themselves.
"It like you guys are made of... I dont know! Bakugou," he happily turns his head towards his mo-- best friend, and the blond questioningly quirks up a brow "Whats the thing that goes inside balloons?"

"Its helium, idiot"

"That! Its like you guys are made of helium!" he chirps.
Like, actually chirps, but before he can get embarrassed about it, Ochako chirps in return, stepping closer. They smile widely at each other, exchanging happy chirps. Eijiro's earfins flap briefly, and Ochako's long ears twitch too.

"Aaaaww, are you guys flirting?" Mina smirks.
Eijiro sputters at that, and Ochako's cheeks turn a bright shade of burgundy "No way!" she squeaks, puffing her cheeks "My- my..." she hesitates, looking at Eijiro for help.

She must be having those weird thoughts, too.

"Your... Red quadrant?" He offers with a whisper.
Ochako flushes all over again, and thats all the confirmation Eijiro needs. Her red quadrant- whatever that means- must be filled already. His rational, human brain, buried somewhere deep in his alien one, suggests that it must mean that she has a partner, or a crush on someone.
"Her whaaaat?" Mina asks, still stretching her mouth in an intimidating, inquisitive smirk.

"Nothing!" Ochako jumps, waving her hands.

"Who else wants to be lifted?" Eijiro loudly interrupts, hoping that the change of topic will deter Mina from asking further romance questions.
A bunch of hands are raised, and Midoriya, Jirou and Sero climb on him, holding onto his sides and his back "Try walking!" Midoriya spurs, madly intrigued with whats happening.

Eijiro nods, and with no effort at all, takes two steps forward while trying to not drop anyone.
"Thats quite impressive," Todoroki muses, "I wonder if you could lift Shoji?"

"We should try! Is that okay with you, Shoji?"

"Calm your chihuahua ass down, Deku" Bakugou grumbles, crossing his arms as he watches the whole circus walk on two feet.
Shoji calmly nods, making his way over the encumbered Eijiro, who grins up at him, and lifts him bridal style in the blink of an eye- he almost dropped Sero though, but managed to catch himselt just in time.

"DUDE!" Kaminari gasps from atop his shoulder "Thats SICK!"
Eijiro laughs loudly, but puts Shoji down as soon as the large teen begins to squirm uncomfortably in his arms "I know right? And i still-"
The ding-dong sound of a bell is heard from the intercom, and principal Nezu's recorded voice lets the students know that it's time all students retreat to their dorms. The teens groan, and one by one, they climb down from Eijiro's body.
In less than a hour, Eijiro finds himself in the same elevator as Bakugou and Shoji, each making his way up to his dormroom.
The first to say goodnight is Shoji, and Eijiro wishes Bakugou goodnight as well, as he passes past his room.

"Oi, Eijiro" he spits out, "come here a second"

Eijiro turns, curious. Its not every night that Bakugou asks him to come over after curfew
"Whats up, man?" Eijiro quietly asks, closing Bakugou's door behind him as he steps in.

Bakugou doesnt say anything, he simply nods to the spot on the best next to him. Eijiro takes it as an invitation to sit down.
The silence is comfortable, and the alien teen leans back, until his feet are dangling over the edge of the mattress and his back is against the wall- somewhere around their first year Bakugou had redecorated his room, pushing his bed towards the wall he shares with Eijiro.
"Are you really alright?" Bakugou eventually asks, arms crossed over his chest, barely looking over his shoulder "You lost your quirk. That's a big deal"
That same... Something as before stirs inside Eijiro, but unlike before, in the intimacy of Bakugou's room, with nothing but the soft light of his bed lamp casting their shadows, he feels like he can let himself go, and indulge this weird body of his
And so, he purrs.

His moirail can be a handulf, but he's also the most caring guy he knows... Ableit in his own way.
"Yeah, i think im fine," he murmurs with a smile on the lips, playfully nudging Bakugou's thigh with his bare foot "Still shook by, well... Being *grey*, but i still feel pretty sturdy, so if Fatgum allows me to, i think i'll go to the agency tomorrow"
Bakugou finally turns halfway towards Eijiro, pushing his foot away, feigning disgust, but it only elicits an amused chirp from the alien.

"Whats with all those noises youre making?" Bakugou frowns, but he doesnt sound pissed. Eijiro can tell he's genuinely curious.
"I dont know to be honest," he shrugs, "And i dont know how to stop them. On top of that, theres some weird thoughts going on in my mind, so its all kind of a mess" he chuckles, and his earfins give a little involuntary twitch "See?"
Bakugou doesnt seem 100% convinced, but he decides he won't fight Eijiro over it. If he's upset he will open up, eventually. That's what they do.

He is, however, curious about something.

"What kind of thoughts?"
Eijiro hums thoughtfully, tapping his nails to his chin. While he finds the right words, Bakugou gets a good look at him, while they're away from their loud, nosy classmates. Particularly, he observes his gills.
They flutter lightly with each breath he takes, and he wonders if being out of water hurts him. They are bright fuchsia, and look very soft to the touch, and if his knowledge of fish is anything to go by, they must be very sensitive due to their high vascularization
He wonders if Eijiro would let him touch them, if he'd trust him with such a possibly delicate part of his alien anatomy. He hopes he would.

"Well," Eijiro coughs, slightly pink on the cheeks, and it snaps Bakugou out of it "There's this... Kind of voice inside my head,
that keeps telling me that you're my moirail, and im yours. Im not sure how to explain it," he casts down his glance, flushing brighter, trying to force the words out of his mouth. His purring stops, replaced by a whine "But its like... I have this urge to look after you. Because
I know you would do the same, and..." He clears his throat again, sliding further and further down on the mattress, curling his shoulders to hide his flushing earfins "Its weird. And i hate it" he concludes.

Bakugou turns fully towards him, crossing his legs on the mattress.
"Sounds like what a stupid friendship would be like"

"I know! But..." Eijiro groans, throwing his head back "Dont make me say it, dude!"

"Say what?" Bakugou suddenly smirks. If he has the opportunity to tease his best friend, he wont miss his chance "Dont chicken out, bastard!"
"Hey!" Eijiro's cheeks puff, and he looks a bit like a pufferfish, fins flared and strong pout "Im trying my best to not make it sound like a weird love confession, dont tease me!"
"What are you even talking about?" Bakugou grimaces, not because the idea of Eijiro confessing revolts him- on the contrary, he's pretty sure he'd do something reckless if it happened, but because Eijiro's half-explanations are doing more harm than good "Be clear for fucks sake!"
"Okay, but dont judge!" Eijiro sits up, pinching the bridge of his nose. A deep, guttural hiss escapes his throat.

"I feel like i'd be okay with kissing and touching you not to mix our genetic material and make babies with you, but because i just *really* love you as a friend-
and my instincts are telling me that i can trust you to return these feelings. Its just..." he takes a breath, knitting his brows. Even he isnt sure if he's making any sense "Its just that i trust you with my life and id do anything to soothe all your pain 'n' stuff" he mumbles.
Bakugou is staring, gaping just slightly. HOW is THAT not a love confession?!

"HOW is THAT not a love confession?!" he splutters, an octave too high.

"I know, i told you it was weird!" Eijiro whines, "But, somehow, my mind is telling me it makes sense!"
Bakugou blinks slowly, taking everything in. Mutual trust. Mutual affection. Thats a best-friend thing, and they already have it. The intimate part though? Thats... Not something he'd do with a best friend.

"Just forget it," Eijiro sighs, "Im going to bed"
Bakugou's body moves faster than his thoughtz, and he straddles Eijiro's legs with his own in a flash

"Like hell you are!"
As if on cue, the close proximity to his moirail (moirail? Is he even sure?) makes Eijiro's purrs rumble through his chest. God damn it, he wants to slap himself.

"You promised you woildn't judge" he points out

"I actually didnt," Bakugou replies.

"...Oh, come on, man!"
Eijiro's flushed face, combined with his loud purrs and his big, bright eyes, is making Bakugou bolder. Eijiro might cry and moan, but it *definitely* sounded like a human love confession, and he doesnt care about weird alien standards.
He gets comfortable on top of Eijiro's soft, yet incredibly strong thighs. A shiver runs up his spine, realizing in the span of a second just how much more dangerous Eijiro's body is right now.

His best friend knows how to control his quirk, but what about immense strength?
And, god, those teeth already do things to him on the regular, so now that they're sharper than ever, he kind of wishes they'd tear into his flesh. Fuck.
"Let me touch your gills"

Eijiro blinks, confused. "My... Gills?"

Bakugou rolls his eyes "Dont make me repeat myself"

"But... Why?"

A shrug from the blond "Im curious, and its not everyday that your best friend or whatever the fuck we are turns into a walking merman"
Eijiro ponders Bakugou's request for a hot minute, not knowing what to do. Part of him thinks touching gills is WAY too intimate, and another part of him thinks that getting *that* intimate with his potential matesprit (oh god, what the hell is that now?) would be a good idea.
Its a big game changer! There's like a switch in his mind that's going on and off, flashing between diamonds and hearts. Its truly, awfully exhausting. Growing up with feelings is hard. Its hard, and nobody understands.
Not to mention that gills are also very delicate appendages, if they're torn theyre as good as gone!

But if there's one thing he's sure about, is that Bakugou would never hurt him. And so, "S-sure," he finally agrees.
A glint of something fiery flashes in Bakugou's eyes, and with a measured, but featherlight touch, he reaches for the left side of Eijiro's neck.
When hot, damp fingertips ghost over the fluttering appendages, something warm and cozy buzzes in Eijiro's stomach.

Bakugou scoots forward, fully sitting in his lap, completely enthralled by whats in front of him. So, its only natural that Eijiro tilts his head for easy access.
He holds his breath, and the fuchsia gills stay still. Bakugou traces the slit that covers them, gently pressing on the flushed skin there. Eijiro screws his eyes shut, trying to reign in the symphony of emotions blooming in his chest.
Anticipation, willingness to please and be pleased, the impulse of kissing Bakugou but also the ugly, alluring thought of pushing him down and rupture his skin, in a flurry of nails and teeth. Bakugou is strong, and Eijiro would both kill and die for him.
And while the symphony is turning more into a thunderous storm, the orchestra that is his chest is giving him away to the man on top of him.

He's clicking and chirping softly, asking for more of whatever his- his- whatever his Bakugou can give him.
His hands slither up either side of Bakugou, and a gentle clack tells him his nails briefly touched while roaming on top of Bakugou's clothes. He feels a hot puff of air hit his gills, and he gasps, fluttering them.
His earfin twitches when Bakugou's hair tickle it, and he slowly pries one eye open. Despite being fully turned the other way, his eyes can turn enough to side-glance at the human's face, which is dangerously close.
Eijiro takes pride in how well he's behaving. He would've already torn anyone else's throat by now, but his moirail, and possibile matesprit, is an exception. If Bakugou had fins, he would be baring them too, for him to lick at the seam.
His chest rumbles deeply at the thought, and the same sensation as before coils in his stomach. He slides one hand up, gently massaging Bakugou's nape to coax him closer.

"You can taste them," he whispers, closing his eyes "I trust you"
If he were a more lucid man, he would ask himself why on earth would bakugou want to taste his gills, but right now, deep into this bubble of warmth and confusion and dizzying need, he doesnt question it.
It actually seems to intrigue Bakugou, whose tongue darts out to tentatively brush against a fluttering gill.
Its like a lightning struck Eijiro's whole body, and he chokes on a keen moan, digging his deathly black nails in Katsuki's corded muscles.
"Fuck!" he half-screams, startled, roughly pushing away from Eijiro's neck. He tries to keep quiet, but god damn it, that really fucking hurt!

In a second, Eijiro is all over him, shushing him and cooing at him.
He whines in the back of his throat, and his eyes are unfocused, and his body is going on autopilot. He noses at Bakugou'd cheek, lapping at his skin until he reaches the puncture wounds on his neck. He thoroughly covers them in spit, even sucks on them to get any bad blood out.
Bakugou, on the other hand, is paralyzed, and getting uncomfortably hard in his pants.
He holds onto Eijiros shoulders, not even indenting the skin there. Just *how* thick is it?

Eijiro doesnt seem to mind it, and instead pulls Bakugou flush against him by the waist, purring and groaning against his skin. He must be satisfied with the treatment he gave to his neck
because his dangerously sharp mouth is travelling south, licking Bakugou's adams apple, grazing at his strong collarbone.

With a slow, steady rip, Bakugou can feel his tanktop slide away from his body, and a sharp fingernail scratch along his spine.
And then Eijiro's hot breath is against his lips, and theyre sharing the same air, breathing in the same space. Their half-lidded eyes meet, and Eijiro's palm spread on the small of Bakugou's back, nails teasing below his waistband, sends a full-body shiver up his spine
Eijiro seems to revel in it, and he pants a bit harder, still not closing the distance between them. He instead rips his own t-shirt open, and once its off, he gently guides Bakugou's hand to rest on the gills on his chest, hoping that his other hand will follow suit.
Bakugou does get the hint, and with no small amount of eagerness, he thumbs at the larger gills that are fluttering beneath his palms.
Eijiro lets out another desperate trill, pinching his brows. Bakugou would think its pain, but theres a gorgeous flush on his cheeks, and now both his hands are working to rock Bakugou's body against his own.
There's a... Weird amount of wetness down there, Bakugou belatedly realizes. He licks his lips, pulling away from Eijiro's face to inspect the situation.

Eijiro doesnt stop rocking them together, so its a bit of a task to unzip Eijiro's pants to have a good look.
His boxers are damp, *extremely so*, and he swore he didnt feel anything up until a couple minutes ago.

"Eijiro?" he tries, hand hovering the... Writhing thing over there.

"Mmmh?~" he purrs, not helpful at all.

"What the fuck is going on down here?"

The question seems to catch Eijiro off guard, because he looks down too. He visibly stiffens, and a loud gulp fills the silence.

"Im not gonna touch whatever that is first" Bakugou mutters, and Eijiro curses under his breath.
"It looks... Like its moving?"

"No shit, Sherlock. Just pull your boxers down and lets get over it!"

Eijiro grips his waistband, and takes a steadying breath. He is pretty content with his regular human dick, and okay, sure he didnt have it anymore, but thats exactly the key word- *think*.

Because, apparently, he DOES still have it... It just likes to hide.
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Bakugou moves away from Eijiro, unstraddling him in favour of sitting next to him on the bed. In the pale light of Bakugou's bed lamp, both the teens can see the sticky dampness of... Gelatin? Water? ...Precum? Well, whatever that is, tinting Eijiro's pants pink.
"This is kinda gross," Eijiro mutters, trying to shimmy out of his ruined pants. He fully unzips them under Bakugou's curious gaze, and pushes down, but they're so sticky and wet that it's like he's wearing a size too small.

He giggles nervously, turning to his moirail "..Help?"
Bakugou blinks in mild surprise, but silently complies, and Eijiro thinks he must be as shocked as he is, because he fell silent all of a sudden, forgetting the nail wounds on his spine and nape.
The blond takes hold of the hem of the pants and pulls, while Eijiro tries his best to kick out of the garment.

"Harder!" he urges, trying to keep his voice down,

"Move a bit!" Bakugou hisses back.
Its futile. The dampness made the pants way TOO sticky, so Eijiro halfharteadly says goodbye to them, and runs a sharp nail on the seam at the sides, finally freeing himself from that trap. Phew!
The pants are thrown to the floor, and Bakugou plops in front of Eijiro once again, visibly redder than before. He sits back on his heels, panting a bit, and after a few contemplative seconds, he pokes at Eijiro's groin in disbelief.

"Where the hell did your dick go now?!"
"Bro! That's my junk!" Eijiro protests, cautious to not *slap* Bakugou's hand away, in fear of breaking his wrist. He takes hold of it instead, and prevents it from moving anywhere around where he dick was minutes ago.

"This is so weird," Bakugou smirks,
an impish sort of tone lacing his hushed voice.

"Im right here, you know," Eijiro deadpans, "Stop talking like im a freak!"

"Sure, whatever, are you gonna tear your boxers away too or are you gonna chicken out like before?" Bakugou retorts, cocking a brow up.
"You're the worst, man" Eijiro pouts, releasing Bakugou's hand so he can scoot away and give him some room. "Ugh, these are ruined..." He complains, sitting up on his knees, groin perfectly in line with Bakugou's line of sight.
Despite how tough his moirail is playing, his smell doesn't lie: Eijiro can tell the man in front of him is eager to see what the boxers hide for more than one reason, and to be honest, if it wasn't for his shamelessly interested gaze, Eijiro wouldn't be half as curious himself.
Eijiro gulps loudly.

He can do this.

If the pants experience is anything to go by, its useless trying to pull these down, so he does like Bakugou suggested.

With a quick swipe of his nails he tears the waistband of his boxers, which hit the floor with a wet mop-like sound.
The moment Eijiro's nasty bits are out for the world to see, both of them gasp.

There's nothing on Eijiro's pelvis, except for an insane amount of the same sticky substance as before. Its transparent for the most part, but the thicker globs of it are tinted a strong fuchsia.
"A dick that moves can't disappear like that!" Bakugou angrily scoots closer, putting both hands on Eijiro's thighs to inspect him closer.

Eijiro leans down too, and spreading his legs more, he tries to push the small slit between his legs wider apart with his fingertips.
To much of his surprise, the slicky substance isn't as slippery as he thought. It feels kind of...

"Dude, i think i came or something," he says, "Maybe this is alien cum?"

"Highly unlikely." Bakugou clicks his teeth "Spread yourself wider, let me see!"
Eijiro cant stop loud purr erupting from his throat at the command, and something under his fingertips coils.


He sucks his dark lip in his mouth, pinching his brows together.

"Bakugou..." he slowly murmurs "What if you tried to... Touch me?"
Intense, red eyes meet his dark fuchsia ones. They blink, weighting the implications of Eijiros request. Bakugou resembles a tiger ready to pounce, ready to plant his claws in Eijiro's back and tear him apart.

Woah, okay, that was an intense fantasy. Eijiros mind needs to chill.
"Depends," Bakugou growls, smirking wide and feral "Was the one from before a human confession?"

"I..." Eijiro hesitates, and the coiling sensation as before warms his belly up again.
He stares, dumbfounded, while Bakugou's hands creep closer to his own, near the slit that starts to feel less and less tight, and more and more warm instead.

Fuck. It definitely was a confession, at least in his alien brain. But what about his human feelings? His human brain?
"I think it was, yeah," he finally breathes out, eyes fluttering shut when one of Bakugou's warm hands caresses his chest gills. He groans deeply, feeling the sudden urge to thrust into something- or to let something thrust inside of himself.
Bakugou doesn't respond verbally, choosing instead to replace one of Eijiro's hands on his groin with his free one, thumbing the outer lip of Eijiro's slit open as wide as it can go.
Eijiro whines in the back of his throat, sucking in a harsh breath when the hand on his gills gently threads one between his fingertips, petting it.

"It feels incredible," he pants out, threading the hand not busy keeping his slit open into Bakugou's soft hair.
"Good," Bakugou replies, and somewhere distant in Eijiro's mind, he's surprised he doesn't sound as breathless as he should. He wishes he had the strength to open one of his eyes and look down to his moirail (or matesprit?), but he is a weak, weak bitch under Bakugou's hands.
"It's coming out!" the teen says, rubbing Eijiro's gills harder.

The tip of... Something, is finally visible between Eijiro's legs, and slowly, the louder Eijiro's moans grow, the bigger the prehensile appendage grows.

Holy shit.
Bakugou is an impatient guy though, and the thing is taking too much time. Just as he's about to let go of Eijiro's slit lip, his friend's (or boyfriend's?) legs give in, and he breathelessly lays on his back, head dangling from the edge of the bed.

"Fuck!" he hisses, "Go easy!"
"Too much?" Bakugou teases, smirking down to Eijiro's spread legs. The other teen gently massages his wrecked gills to soothe them, and a satisfied purr rumbles in the room.

"Yeah... 't was good tho" Eijiro murmurs, still not moving from his position.
Bakugou places his hands on Eijiro's bent knees, fully taking in the picture below him: his best friend, who confessed to him in the lamest way ever, is laying down naked in front of him, with a fuchsia tentacle worming its way out of what Bakugou would frankly call a pussy.
You know, regular stuff for a workday evening.
Something soft stirs inside of him, but hes quick to push it aside from later. Right now, his bed is getting ruined by the insane amount of slick gushing out of the pretty fuchsia-tinted slit, and he *knows* that this tentacle is bigger than whats visible right now. He *felt* it.
"Talk to me, Eijiro" is the last thing he says, before Eijiro's questioning sound turns into a loud, pleasantly surprised moan.

"Bakugou! Fuck!" Eijiro trills, bucking his hips up to thrust more of his tentaclit in his matesprit's hot mouth.
His legs spread wider, and his hands shoot down to push and pull at blond hair.

"Fuckfuckfuck-" he pants, fulfilling Bakugou's request of talking to him, "Like that, holy shit!" He groans, and there's an eager, aggressive lilt to his voice.
Between his legs, Bakugou is doing his best to coax the tentacle out quicker. He laps at its underside, while the prehensile tip quivers on his face, gripping the blond locks on his forehead. All this pulling on his scalp is gonna give him a headache tomorrow.
The taste is... Weirdly okay. Its salty, a bit bitter, but there's a fruity undertone to it that balances it out. He kind of wants more of it.

He purses his lips around one of the soft, firm ridges that has finally slid out, sucking the slick hard into his mouth.
Eijiro must've liked it, because his thighs clamp around Bakugou's head, keeping him exactly where he should be.

"Kats, holy shit, your tongue-" Eijiro moans, roughly pushing Bakugou's head down to grind against his face "More!"
The smell of Eijiro's thick juices invades Bakugou's nostrils, and he pathetically whines when Eijiro uses his face to please himself. He does his best to keep up, but the grey hands on him are *way too strong* and all he can do at the moment is to palm himself through his pants.
Finally, after what feels like an eternity, the entirety of Eijiro's tentacle is out, and it's drenching Bakugou's face and hair, the slick sliding down to pool on his collarbones.

He is not going to last longer, but if he's going to go down, he'll do it with a bang.
With mkre effort than what he would've liked, he untangles himself from Eijiro's spasming legs, gripping hard at his thighs. With one fell swoop, he sits up on his knees and harshly pulls Eijiro closer, folding him in half.
The teen below him is confused for a second, and his eyes are glossy and unfocused. A trail of spit is running down his cheek. Bakugou smirks, madly pleased at how flexible Eijiro suddenly is.

"Hold these for me" he instructs, placing Eijiro's hands on the back of his own knees.
Eijiro obeys, lazily grinning up to his matesprit. Or kismesis. He's not sure. He kind of hates Bakugou right now for being such a quick learner- he's 100% sure his friend never dated anybody, so how the fuck is he able to turn him into putty just like that?
When Bakugou runs one hand from his chin up to his forehead, smearing Eijiro's juices away from his face and combing his soiled hair away from his face, Eijiro wheezes.
It's the most erotic sight his eyes were ever graced with, and a generous amount of slick pours from his slit, down between his asscheeks.

"Holy god, Kats," he trills, presenting his ass and slit as best as he can, "Please, let's mix our genetic materials"
Bakugou grimaces at that, giving Eijiro a look as he finally unzips his own pants to slide out of them.

"That's the weirdest fucking way you could choose to ask me to come inside"
Eijiro can't help but chuckle a little, biting his lower lip. Is that what he's asking for? He's not sure.

The idea of mixing his and Bakugou's cum together pleases him immensely, but the thought of having it happen *inside* himself makes him growl.

Why is his body so weird?
Either way, he decides not to worry too much about it. Like he admitted, he trusts Bakugou, and Bakugou trusts him. They'll figure it out together.

So, the best thing to do is to listen to his body, which is telling him to find a container. A large one. Like... Like a bucket!
"Kats," he purrs, earfins fluttering sweetly to lure him like an anglefish with its prey, "I need a bucket"

Bakugou stops in his tracks, one hand still hovering over Eijiro's junk, the other placed on one toned asscheek

"Why the fuck do you need a fucking BUCKET of all things?"
"I dont know!" Eijiro admits, squirming uncomfortably. The idea of coming like that, spilling his cum and letting it go to waste, is killing him "I just know i need something to come into!"

"...Like a condom?" Bakugou tries, confused as hell.

"No! Bigger!" Eijiro hisses.
Bakugou groans, pinching the bridge of his nose hard. This is NOT how he had imagined his first time with Eijiro to go. Because, why yes, he already knew he wanted his first time to be with him. Just... Not involving a bucket.

"...I have a trashcan"

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