we're back to business with another bee translated live random reaction tweets thread buckle up
mew calling gulf tiny gives me extra life points in this simulation #mewgulf
I'm no Thai Gordon Ramsey but they be adding the sauce After they fried the pork then adding water cause the heat was way too high and the sauce and the pork started to get charcoaly I'm thinking they're not used to this stove life #MewGulf
where's the compilation of mew cutely nudging/poking gulf to get him food to eat it's an adorable habit atp #mewgulf
many thoughts, all #mewgulf .
gulf has yet to email me back an essay explaining in detail what he meant by his answer and this is def text me at 2am with a random ass question cause u can't sleep material and all I'm saying is if I were mew I wld ask him again #mewgulf
the bit where mew implicitly feigned a sulk cause gulf was eating the fried fish instead of the crispy pork he made for him and Gulf cutely answered that no the pork dish was the best and that he ate alot of it already is the most couply convo ever and I want to sue #MewGulf
It's 2am but Let's finish this thread shall we
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