Frankly, I find this whole Biden thing sad. To see liberals so lost in the fog of their own minds when confronted by the obvious contradictions between supporting him and their professed beliefs is a level of pathetic fecklessness I didn't think they were capable of to be honest.
It elicits a deep pity in me to see people gaslight themselves so thoroughly and have such a clear moral deficit to any outside observer
Primarily because I tend to believe that your average liberal is probably instinctually correct on most things but they just outsource their personal moral code to the democratic party and the people who get rich propping that party up.
Basically, "Some of your faves will be implicated"
And, just as a final thought, they also aren't serious about this being an issue of pragmatism or lesser evilism because if they were actually engaging with that, as opposed to just asserting their moral righteousness, they would be humbled by the obvious flaws in their candidate
They've just learned to parrot those rationales as mantras against the obvious cognitive dissonance and implications.
But there is rarely an ounce of humility when they ask you to vote for a candidate with a history of racism, sexism, etc.. Just righteous indignation that you might challenge their ascriptive morality by confronting them with evidence to the contrary
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