I have tweeted the past 6 months about the effects the November provincial budget had on my daughters kinder education. She went from a full day kinder class of 14 (which we pay extra for) to a mixed class with nearly double the kinders for half the day. 1/x #ableg #abed
Her teacher was laid off during this amalgamation, then she lost an EA. They told us things would be fine. She was struggling already as she was young going in. Then the school closures. No more EAs to help with the students that could be struggling. 2/3 #ableg #abed
My wife and I decided this week that it was best to hold our daughter back in kinder for another year. Between budget cuts, teacher/EA layoffs, class sizes and school closure she has too much to overcome this year. This is why funding matters. 3/3 #ableg #abed
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