#COVID19: Dr. Amy Acton says we are now seeing cases in 81 (of 88) counties. @nbc4i
#COVID19: Of Ohio's cases 27% need hospitalization, 8% needing the ICU, 5% need ventilation. @nbc4i
#COVID19: Dr. Acton says we are seeing deaths leading more toward males, it's being investigated. @nbc4i
#COVID19: As far as deaths by race 61% white, 27% black says Dr. Acton. 25% do not have a race noted in the database, 39% does not have ethnicity. People are opting out of filling that out when admitted to the hospital. @nbc4i
COVID19: Dr. Acton said they are working with hospitals to encourage people to fill out that data. Dr. Acton says even before coronavirus we know there are huge disparities and those same issues can be exacerbated. @nbc4i
#COVID19: Dr. Acton says we need to be sure "we leave no one behind." That includes those who are disabled or elderly. @nbc4i
#COVID19: Dr. Acton says we need to balancing the stress on our healthcare system. She says she is "proud and optimistic" with how they are responding. @nbc4i
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