At such critical time #CoronaOutbreak
Some people want fan war

SidNaazians deserve respect. Nobody must try to walk over you.

I respect each and every one of you who selflessly supports Sid & Sana & yet had to go through horrible trolling

#SidNaaziansDeserveRespect #SidNaaz
You all are the best.
Kuch nhi chahiye hota h SidNaazians ko

Just a glimpse or news of #SidNaaz sb khush ho jate h
& sari fights-trolling-insults bhul jate h

I am proud of you.
I know you all don't want anything in return but a little respect.

From the we started supporting #SidNaaz
Hmesha khyal kra k dono solo fandoms hurt na ho

And still we try to maintain peace.
Pr aaj bhi (BB over hone ke bad) , kahi na kahi bich me atake hue h

~~ Dildar h yaha sare...sbko maaf kr dete h ~~

If we are taking part in either of solos trend, toh baba hum bekar h...koi motive hoga

If we are not taking part, toh hum bss naam k #SidNaaz fan h

Tumhare judgement ka pitara kahi or kholo please🙏
Hume baksh do

Agar koi controversy ho
Toh who is the one to blame ?

#SidNaaz fandom

If you cannot respect SidNaazians, then don't
But atleast don't put the blame of every little thing on them

Iss bat ka toh lihaz kro ke hum Sid & Sana dono ke well-wishers h

Don't worry solos
We aren't taking away your credit.
Keep it safe in your lockers.

All we need is Sid & Sana's hapiness.
We'll keep supporting them together & individually as well.

~~ jigra chahiye hota h, jitna hum dono side se jhelte h uske liye ~~

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