Chief Justice Morawetz: OBA and MAG helped set up remote courts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chief Justice: "We cannot go back" on electronic courts.
"Significant reliance on the profession" for making sure the court has the full record before it. Court staff cannot retrieve paper files.
Chief Justice Morawetz: "The world of the paper-based system is not going to exist anymore."
Chief Justice: very little patience with refusals and undertakings motions now.
Chief Justice: absolutely confident case management will be expanded.
Chief Justice: "Let me make it very clear—the Ontario Superior Court of Justice is never closed."
Chief Justice: we need more support from the government, including more money.
Chief Justice: when the crisis is passed, we will be back in the courtroom. Greater premium on written materials right now. We are learning technical platforms. Complex arguments will have to be made virtually. Emphasis on brevity, limit on cited authorities.
Chief Justice: virtual swearing-ins of judges are taking place.
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