I have a feeling this will feel relevant for all of us working on “now what?” questions given... *everything* (gesturing broadly) - Jeffrey Swofford is sharing ways to keep the faith when catastrophe is your day job #AAGVirtual
Also, somewhat related: I think we need a new acronym or short fork for “these challenging times” - TCT? Can we just start opening or closing emails or messages sort of like “Yours in TCT,”?
Junior scholars tend to more strongly claim an identity as working on wicked problems (climate, for example) instead of having their primary scholarly identity driven by discipline #AAGVirtual
This strikes me as being at the core of many of the excellent opportunities & challenging questions we pose to each other at @SEDRD - applied scholarship, the value of extension, the critical need to do as David Douglas has imploded us as avoid “toxic respectability” #AAGVirtual
Some of the coping strategies used by climate scholars #AAGVirtual
Emotional-connection as coping strategy #AAGVirtual
Knowledge change as a coping mechanism #AAGVirtual
Meaning-making as coping strategy #AAGVirtual
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