During welfare calls today I spoke to a 93 year old gentleman. I was blown away by how switched on he was, we chatted for 30 mins & I promised to check in on him every day so he had someone to talk to. No family, a widower & his usual support are also self isolating 1/2
he offered to burn CDs of his own album (was a professional singer back in the day & well known on the circuit) - blown away a 93yr old knew how to burn a CD from his laptop @Scott_Tandy1 would have been proud. He asked me if I could visit him as he uses his 2/3
3/3 eye chart every day just to ensure he doesn’t lose his voice. Due to his interest in singing I sign posted him to @hapi_RCT singing w Steve which he was thrilled to hear about “you can sing over the internet?!” #meltingheart A call to @RCTCouncil food sorted. #ukhousing
So proud to work for @NewyddHousing ; have @hapi_RCT in my department & the community team delivering vital and necessary welfare calls to every single one of our tenants. The stories & conversations we have are something that brings us all together to a simpler time
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