1/ Threading a bunch of food-related tweets, threads, & resources to help those avoiding/reducing grocery shopping &/or figuring out what to buy & how to store/use/make/sub/grow it. Feel free to add + resources/tips but pls keep them vegan & 🌱-based (🚫 flesh or secretions). 🙏
Vegan meal delivery search service (worldwide): https://twitter.com/happycow/status/1240805218050142208
One of many vegan & plant-based food delivery options: https://twitter.com/laloofah/status/1245736905410359296
7-Day Immune System Boost - tips & recipes to help healthfully focus your shopping/gardening/meal prep lists: https://twitter.com/tcolincampbellf/status/1245014522802376704
Strategic grocery shortlist/tips: https://twitter.com/forksoverknives/status/1241379410743345153
Longest-lasting fresh produce: https://twitter.com/omd4theplanet/status/1245140072560762880
A short thread of fresh food storage guides & tips for eliminating food waste: https://twitter.com/laloofah/status/734192280416833536
Some especially handy cookbooks in times like these: https://twitter.com/laloofah/status/1246125789793288192
A recipe from “Cook the Pantry” & a stay-at-home menu plan: https://twitter.com/laloofah/status/1246145251841937408
Some egg replacer tips: https://twitter.com/laloofah/status/1003303724050104321
A few (of the countless) vegan “eggy” recipes: https://twitter.com/laloofah/status/1194309144037036032
Big collection of vegan bacon recipes using a wide variety of plant foods: https://twitter.com/laloofah/status/1140712850895192064
The power of sprouting: https://twitter.com/laloofah/status/1241401887808581637
If you plan to garden & haven’t bought or ordered seeds yet, better hustle: https://twitter.com/laloofah/status/1243594344386322432
Tons of gardening info out there, but here’s a great place to start: https://twitter.com/laloofah/status/1246078506645110793
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