Somebody said don’t flex without saying how I did it. Respect. Here’s my recipe. Your stove may burn hotter or adjust as needed.

My rental portfolio:
31 occupied units: $34,755/month
1 vacancy: $1,795/month
Mortgages: $5,505/month
12 units left in inventory to rehab
Here’s what worked for me
1) I have never used a property manager—that 10% was money I used to pay down mortgages aggressively.

2) I started GC’ing my own jobs. Those savings helped me borrow less. And no, I’m not borrowing money to “pay myself”. That’s called a loan not income.
3) I’ve never used my rents for lifestyle. I kept my day job to eat. My rents are used for new acquisitions, paying contractors or debt.

4) I started paying down my mortgages early by focusing on the smallest one. I’d pay the mins on the biggies & throw racks at the smallest.
This required a lot of work and as much as I hear y’all say you love the mamba mentality...y’all also say you hate grind culture and “everything in balance”. So, like I said, your stove may burn adjust as needed.
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