Disregarding the rest of the absolute bullshit in this thread and Regarding “busting of nuclear blackmail”:-
“there are people in important places in India’s strategic circles who have drawn dangerously wrong conclusions about what they are referring to as (1/8)
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Pakistan’s nuclear bluff.
I would like to caution that it would be a serious professional folly on their part to consider that a single air strike, that too conducted most
unprofessionally, would render Pakistan’s robust nuclear deterrence a bluff.
Pakistan’s nuclear capability operationalised under the well-articulated policy of Full Spectrum Deterrence comprises of a large variety of strategic, operational and tactical nuclear weapons, on land, air and sea, (3/8)
which are designed to comprehensively deter large-scale aggression against mainland
As amply demonstrated during the February stand-off, Pakistan’s nuclear weapons continue to serve the purpose for which they were developed, on a daily and hourly basis, (4/8)
by compelling India’s political and military leaders to craft a politico-military strategy, taking into consideration Pakistan’s real
time nuclear capability. While developing operational plans the Indian planners make deliberate effort to skirt around the Pakistani nuclear
capability and nuclear thresholds. Official India, I hope, does not take
Pakistan’s nuclear capability as a bluff. It is precisely the presence of these nuclear weapons that deters, and in this specific case, deterred India from expanding operations beyond a (6/8)
single unsuccessful air strike. It is the Full Spectrum Deterrence capability of Pakistan that brings the international community rushing into South Asia to prevent a wider conflagration. That India chose not to proceed further in February is a testimony to not only the
humiliation it suffered at the hands of the Pakistan Air Force, but also the cold calculation that nuclear weapons could come into play sooner rather than later. That, ladies and gentlemen, is nuclear deterrence at work and not
nuclear bluff.”
#Pakistan #India #Nuclear
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