THREAD: I keep reading that people think Trump must stand to profit from the sale of Hydroxychloroquine. This so unlikely it's close to nonsense. Plus, it ignores his history. He tends not to invest in stocks and companies he can't control and drive into insolvency.
Trump doesn't need to profit from it to push Hydroxychloroquine. He's a believer in the power of positive thinking. In fact, his childhood pastor was Rev. Norman Vincent Peale.
More, he will take up any quick-fix, snake oil if it contradicts the deliberate judgement of educated experts. He hates expertise as much as he loves sex and money.
Third, he wants everyone to believe there is a quick-fix, easy way out of what is otherwise a dismal forecast for both the United States and Trump's own electoral prospects.
This is a perfect example of Trump's MO: The drug does everything he wants it to do except actually cure people of COVID19.
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