10 Days Of Darkness/"Darnkess"

I know other Anons have noticed that yet. Me too, but I wanted to put this together briefly, just for my own record.

#POTUS45 last week: "Friday is when it begins."

That has been linked to...

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...many hypotheses, but let's take for a moment it was about the "10 days of darkness" predicted by #QAnon.

See Q drop #97:
➡ https://www.qmap.pub/read/97 

In the fist part of the drop ("Game Theory") Q is talking re: MS13, Mil Ops, Gen. Flynn, etc.
Then they write:

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10 days.
Good v. Evil.
Roadmap of big picture is here.
Review post happenings.
Crumbs not only for /pol/.
The silent ones.

As many have highlighted, there's a typo: "darnkess" instead of "darkness", and it points to a book.

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It's this one book:
"3 Days Of Darnkess"

"John Staggar must fight his way through the city to save 5 year old Susan Riddle during three days where hell reigns on earth."

It's about rescuing a child.

The main problem is that...

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...the title is not about "10 days" but "3 days". One may think that #QAnon was pointing to the book to make us understand what was the meaning of the last part of drop #97, but the period of time that matters is 10 days.

We are highly speculating here, I'm aware.

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So, we have many Anons theorizing that the "10 days of darNkess" referenced by #QAnon are not about some kind of comms shutdown &/or outages, but about a covert op to rescue children/enslaved people from the pawns of the #DeepState.


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If that was what's really happening, we may think this was one of the most important ops of #ThePlan.

So, coming back to the tweet #1 in this thread, what if #POTUS45 signalled the beginning of this mil op for Friday, Apr. 3rd?

If that was Day #1, the last day...

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