Readers of The Five - someone has just reminded me that the wikipedia pages for Polly, Annie, Kate, Elizabeth and Mary Jane need some updating. The Ripperologists who see themselves as the keepers of the info have kept my research off the pages. Now's your chance to help.
Here is Mary Ann 'Polly' Nicols. Those of you who've read The Five will be struck by the way these women are currently described and their lives discussed.
Annie Chapman:
I have on occasion tried to change the absolute statements that they were 'prostitutes' as well as other unsupported statements, but they always creep back in.
Here is Elizabeth Stride:
I deliberately kept their morgue photos and descriptions of their deaths out of my book. If you want, you can read the info here.
And finally, Mary Jane Kelly:
As you will notice, The Five has been anathematized from all of the pages and the bibliographies.
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