Oh god I'm actually doing it #TrollsWorldTour
Trolls World Tour opens with Trollex, DJ King of the Techno Trolls, getting attacked by evil Rock Trolls who don’t think his ‘bleeps and bloops’ are ‘real music’

I heartily endorse this film’s bold takedown of rockism
Branch, the boy troll from the first movie, is already the established love interest of Poppy, but is still struggling to tell her ‘she’s the one’

This is the plot of Frozen 2 and it sucks, hope it doesn’t become standard for dead-end love stories in animated sequels
8 minutes in and we’ve already had: One More Time
Rock You Like A Hurricane
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Good Times
Groove Is In The Heart
Pop Musik
U Can’t Touch This
‘He may be fine in a world where everybody lives in isolation but I’m not’ is an actual line from Trolls World Tour, the first major film released under widespread isolation
Ozzy Osbourne plays an extremely prominent role in Trolls World Tour as a troll with Alzheimer’s
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