This is a #thread compiling resources for animal advocates who, like myself, watched #TigerKing and had questions. My biggest questions were:1⃣To what extent do US laws enable wildlife abusers to operate, and 2⃣Do we have a similar big cat situation in Europe?
To return to my 1st question: how is it legal to keep big cats and abuse them?
I immediately turned to @DelciannaW's scholarship and experience on the topic. Among many other world class appointments, Delci was the Director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement for @peta.
So here you go for some expert knowledge:
Also make sure to check Delci's scholarship at the intersections of #AnimalLaw and administrative law ( ). No one knows more than her on USDA inspections of animal exhibitors under the Animal Welfare Act.
@peta has a podcast episode dedicated to Joe Exotic case, and where Brittany Peet shares her behind the scenes story about how she was called on to be his only character witness at trial:
2⃣Is the private ownership of big cats also happening in Europe (EU)?
@fourpawsint has a full report on the issue, where the organization observed that EU countries "do not have an accurate overview of [the number of tigers kept in captivity.]":
And here's an interesting map excerpted from the report:
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