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Shiro has been working for the city's library for years, in fact he's been the head librarian for two years and counting. He has his job down to a science, able to balance the books, managing schedules, keeping his employees happy, and stepping in to assist the mangers of the
coffee bar, gift shop, and restaurant. It was overwhelming at first as he managed a large four-story Library with all then nuances. Now he's knows the ins and outs like the back of his hand. Today was no different, he was behind the main counter organizing books onto the return
cart, readying to return the books to their proper location when he notices young man walk up. Shiro placed the book down, adjusted his black rim glasses and bounded up to the counter, bright smile on his face. "Hello! May I help you?"

"Um yeah, hi. I need a student membership."
Shiro nods and smiles, but he can't help but take in the exotic gaze of the other, violet eyes. How unusual, so pretty, he thinks. "For students it's $35 every three months or you can pay an annual fee of $120 which is a bit of a discount." Shiro continued to smile.
The student scoffed, grinning. "That's a bit steep."

"Well he have to keep the lights on somehow," Shiro joked good naturedly.

"Don't late fees cover that?" The man laughed once more.


"Luckily, I did my research. I'll pay the annual fee." Wallet in hand as he
readying to pay.

"May I see your student ID?" Shiro asks. He receives a head nod and the ID is handed over, he begins to type in the information for the new account. Keith Kogane. Shiro glances up smiling at him as fingers fly across the keyboard and complete the small form.
"Okay, all done Mr. Kogane." He hands the student ID back.

"Keith is fine," he said with a shy smile. "You'll probably see a a lot of me - um."


"Shiro," he parrots back with a soft smile.

Shiro can't help but smile as well, as the new membership card is printing.
Once complete he pulls it from the printer and then gathers up the intro paper. "Now that you're a member you can utilize all amenities and get discounts on the eateries/shops. This goes over all the perks along with and basic info. If you have questions feel free to nab us."
Keith nods and takes his new card with the information. He adjust his backpack and smiles. "Thanks for all your help Shiro."

"Of course, let me know if you need anything else. I'll be here," he gestures to the counter. Keith give another nod and smalls mile before venturing
deeper into the library.

From there Shiro found himself distracted whenever Keith made an appearance. It was a nice distraction, a change to the norm.

As the days continued, and the days bled to weeks, then bloomed into months and he found his attraction turning into a full
blown crush. He really was falling for the fiery, sweet and quiet Keith.

Shiro found himself gravitating towards the student frequently during his normal day to day. He learned he was a diligent student, a bookworm of sorts,
who went to school based on his scholarships and had to keep up his grades to keep the free money being shelled out for his schooling. He was in his second year and decided that studying here at the city library was better than the rowdy campus library. Shiro couldn't blame him.
For the most part, Shiro let Keith study diligently until the student called him over needing a break. Shiro and Keith would talk, sometimes Shiro would treat Keith to a coffee from the coffee bar and he spend his break with him. It was nice and he love speaking with Keith.
Sometimes it felt like they were flirting, Keith would say something flirty and Shiro would eat it up. It could be his imagination as it's been a while since he's flirted. Curtis was his last sorta boyfriend and Adam was his last serious relationship. That was years ago for both!
On the weekends Keith would spend all day studying and doing homework, he'd come in and from opening till close and eat all his meals there and then retreat home. Those were Shiro's long days as he be there from opening to close as well, it was nice being able to spend breaks
with Keith and to talk to him in passing. It made for a lively day.

Both Pidge a fellow librarian and Hunk the sous chef of the restaurant teased Shiro endless about Keith and how he was smitten with the studious bookworm. Shiro would always deny it, but he found truth in their
words. Though he would never admit it to either as they were gossips.

Wheeling by, he found his attention nabbed as he looked at the books that were scattered about the nook Keith took residence in. Normally, Keith's books were of the accounting and finance variety.
He was a numbers guy.

The books he had were painting techniques and Shiro paused, kneeling as he picked one up before glancing at Keith in wonder. "Are you an artist?"

"I dabble," he flushed. "I do art on the side, it's therapeutic you could say." There was something vulnerable
in his voice. Something Shiro could relate to as books are his therapy after he retired from the military. His metal finger twitches around the spine of the book.

"I can understand that, these help me as well," he waves the book he's holding. "That's why I came to work at the
library. Surrounding myself with endless books," he chuckles and Keith lets out a breath, shoulders sagging as he smiles back.

"Guess we both have our vices," he laughs. "Good ones at that. Yeah?"

"Yeah." Shiro agrees as he places the book back down. "Besides, I'm sure you
haveta to take a creative break from all those numbers and policies you're drilling into your head. I commend you, most people couldn't handle trying to become an accountant."

Keith sucks in a breath. "I've always been good with numbers and not people, so -." He leaves his
sentence open with a tiny shrug.

"We get along just fine," Shiro counters.

A blush makes home on Keith's cheeks. "We do," he concedes happily. The look in his amethyst eyes and the softness of his smile make Shiro swoon and his heart jump. He was so gone for Keith.

Time continues to march and Shiro's silly heart is devotedly hung up on Keith. If Keith asked for the stars, Shiro would pluck them from the sky and present them along with his heart. He felt a bit ridiculous a man his age so taken by a man several years younger. He should bury
this crush of his. It did him and Keith no good.


Finals week came, the campus was only a couple miles away and because of the closeness the students began to flood in and occupy every nook, corner, and cranny. Keith's favorite spot was commandeered by some girls who were in
full blown panic mode about their up and coming finals. Shiro felt responsible for Keith losing his spot and he quickly collected his friend. "You can use one of the quiet rooms if you like, I made sure to reserve on for you.

Keith blinked in surprise at the librarian. "Shiro,
you didn't have to. I would have found another spot."

"Trust me, there are no other spots -. Sorry I should have warned you it gets hectic here during finals." Shiro led Keith so a small room, a colorful mural was painted on one wall and the rest of the room was all glass,
providing a view to people watch. Opening the door, Shiro ushered Keith in. "Do you need anything, specific books, a coffee?"

Keith shook his head, ink colored hair shining beautifully in the florescent lighting. "Naw, I'm good. Thanks Shiro, for looking out for me."
"Of course, Keith, anything you need and I've got you covered." Was that cool sounding? Or lame? Shiro let the door closed behind him and suddenly felt lame, why did he say that. Ugh!

Little did he know Keith chuckled and flushed cutely. "Dork," he murmured to himself as a flush
settled on his cheeks. Shiro was too darn cute for his own good and Keith's weak heart could only take so much cuteness.

As it was getting closer to finals wounding down, Shiro felt relief. The library would drift back to a normal pace and he'd be less busy, able to spend
time with Keith again. With the influx it kept Shiro away from Keith which made his days drag slowly on. The bookworm (though could Shiro really call him that as he was one himself???) was the highlight to Shiro's day, without seeing Keith as much Shiro just felt drained.
Luckily, it was almost quitting time and Shiro was doing his last rounds before he'd step out. Coran, his right hand would be closing the library for Shiro. The head librarian was thankful he be able to hit the gym before heading home. Shiro loved working out as much as hitting
the books. Today he'd be at the gym an hour earlier than normal. Bless Coran, bless him.

Shiro didn't spot Keith and felt a bit disappointed he didn't see him off for the day. Going into the back he changed out of his clothes and into his workout, compression pants with a
fitted sleeveless hooded shirt. His metal arm on full display as he removed his glasses and placed them carefully into the case before depositing in his gym bag. Shiro began to leave, waving at the closing crew as he made a swift exit.

Outside, was bright in the darkness. The
moon shined down and the streetlights illuminated. The gym wasn't far several blocks from the city library, the walk was a good warmup before he'd hit the treadmill and weights.

As he drew closer to his destination a ruckus caught his ears, and to him it sounded like Keith.
Had to be his imagination, since Keith sounded distressed.

Unless it wasn't.

Shiro slowed his stride trying to locate the elevated voices. The quietness and the building created an acoustic echo, but he was able to easily discern. If his mind was playing tricks, then he wanted
to have piece of mind. Beside if someone was in trouble it was his civic duty to help.

Coming to the park he found the source, it was indeed Keith.

"Back off," Keith growled, stance curved as if ready to react.

A shove and Keith stumbled, holding his ground.

Shiro saw red.
**Stopping for now!
Without thought Shiro slammed his bag down with loud slap to the pavement, charging in like a raging bull. "Hey! Take your hands off him!" The two assailants whirled around readying to challenge him, but once their eyes snaked up Shiro's form they paled instantly. They'd lose
and the thought flashed in their scared eyes. Shiro could read it so.

They took a few hesitant steps back before bolting away. Shiro watched them go, eyes narrowed as he felt anger still coursing through his veins. How dare they touch Keith - ! Keith!! He turned, rushing to him.
"Keith are you alright," his hands took hold of his arms as the younger man looked up and sagged in the hold, letting out a relieved breath.

"I'm good," he assured as Shiro looked him over, double checking. Keith let out a little chuckle. "I'm alright, I swear."

Shiro peered
into his eyes, searching as he verified it with their shared gaze.

The librarian let out a little sigh, the tension leaving him. "What happened?"

"Some kids from school being stupid, they thought they could basically pick on me or something, I'm not sure? Y'know how people can
be and that's enough reason for them to start shit." He growled angrily, Keith blinked and coyly looked away. "Sorry, I don't mean to mad."

"No, it's fine. They approached you unprompted from the sound of it. I'm just glad you're alright." Shiro let one of his lingering hands
trace up and down on Keith's arm, unconsciously.

"Thanks, Shiro. Thanks for stepping in."

"I didn't do anything."

"No, you did," Keith smiles and taps a fist to one of Shiro's pecs. "You intimidated them in your gym rat garb," he teased. Those night sky eyes traced over every
muscle and contour of Shiro's powerful physique. Shiro felt the gaze like a furnace, heating him up and feeling so thrilling and pleasant all at once. "I knew you worked out, but -." Keith stops speaking to bite his lip and a blush settle over his cheeks, pink to red his face
bloomed prettily.

Shiro's own face heated.

A silence fell between them and Shiro realized his hands were still on Keith. He let them drop, but not before tracing those arms. "Were you headed home?" Shiro found himself asking, trying to dispel the bashful silence between them.
"I am."

"Could I walk you home?" Shiro curled a bit on himself, hand reflexively scratching the back of his undercut. "Your safety is a concern after tonight."

Keith snorted. "Does that mean you'll walk me home every day from the library?"

"Yeah, it does." Shiro rose to the
subtle challenge. "If you're okay with it, that is?" He said a little less confidently.

"I'm good with it."


"Okay," Keith said before peered up at Shiro through his wild banks. "Wanna nab your bag there." Finger pointing at the discarded gym bag.

The librarian scuttled over to get his belongings before joining Keith. "Please lead the way."

Keith did just that.

"Would you ever consider carrying pepper spray?"

"Naw, I got this." Keith flashes a small blade. "I always keep it close."

Keith is so bad ass!
***Stopping for now, brb!

Shiro found himself outside of Keith's dorm as he unlocked the door. Keith turns and Shiro realizes he has him bracketed between the door and himself. He begins to step back but a smaller hand nabs his metal one.

Shock overtakes him, normally folks would avoid touching his
prosthesis. His eyes darted to Keith's and he found nothing but warmth. Keith gives a little nervous chuckle. "Thanks again for saving me."

"You saved me first." Shiro's own expression melts to something soft as well.


"You shook up my days, you're a breath of fresh
air. I didn't realize I needed a change until you." He confessed, but he felt unsteady to admit such.

Keith chuckled and squeezed Shiro's metal hand. "We save each other?"

"Yeah," Shiro whispered feeling an intimate air shroud around their shoulders. This feeling is soft,
gentle and Shiro found himself sinking into it.

"Thanks again," Keith whispers. In a flash, he's leaning up closing the space between them as his lips land like plush pillows onto Shiro's stubble covered cheek. "See you," he rocks back and lets his hand leave Shiro's as the
door opens and Keith slips in.

The hallway is now empty.

Shiro was still, not breathing as the surprise is slow to sink in like sun beaten earth getting it's first rain in years, unable to absorb. The gravity finally reaches him and his hand comes up, cupping his cheek.
"Keith," he mouths to himself.

His cheek was kissed! Oh gosh!

He cups his mouth, smothering the gasp and he feels a giddiness bubble up as he floats to cloud nine. Shiro removes his hand and smiles, all teeth and goofy. He trots away, heading towards the gym.
Keith watched from his peephole, seeing Shiro leave. He makes a noise of triumph before he ventures deeper into his dorm.

A matching large smile on his own lips as well.

***Be back tomorrow
Finals were over and the city library fell back into a slump of slowness as it was now the holidays and winter break was beginning.

During finals Shiro had diligently walked Keith to his dorm after close each night (even on days where he was off work). And each night he
received a kiss on the cheek. Shiro didn't have the guts to ask what it meant, but he loved the soft touch of those plush lips on his skin. He had half a mind to turn his head so their lips would meet, but he didn't want to overstep.

He was happy with this, this was enough.
Shiro smiled as he organized the returned books and then placed them on the cart. He began to wheel the cart from behind the counter when Keith appeared. Their eyes meet and heat rose to their faces, they had been playing coy with one another for about couple of weeks.
Shiro was surprised to see Keith their since it was holiday break for all the colleges and universities. "I thought you would be back home like the rest of the students."

Keith shook his head. "Naw."

"My dad is coming here to spend the holidays. Flying back home is more
expensive then him flying here. Makes no sense, but that's the airline industry - I guess." He gave a shrug of his shoulders before he stood next to Shiro and his cart. "I know you're working," he began which made Shiro perk beside him.

"Mm hmm," he confirmed with a nod.
Keith's cheeks turned a darker red. "I'm not here to study and I know you're working."

"You've already said that," Shiro snickered as he teased lightly.

"I know, ugh," he groaned. "If your not too busy could I possibly use you as a model for a sketch? Could you sneak away?"
Shiro blinked, he was not expecting this. What a surprise! He opened and closed his mouth. He could see how bashful Keith was growing, he nibbled his lip and his eyes looked so imploring. How could he resist? He /couldn't/. He would give Keith the world if he wanted it.
"I - uh - um, yeah." He scratched the back of his neck sheepishly. "May I put these away first?"

Keith nodded. "Yeah, sure, of course." He said quickly as Shiro began to wheel the cart. "You're working after all."

"Is this for school or -?"

"Kinda." Keith nibbled his lip
while adjusting the tote strap. "Traditional art is my minor and I'm trying to expand my portfolio. I wanted to draw one of my favorite places - along with one of my favorite people."

Shiro's head whipped towards Keith. If that wasn't the cutest thing to hear. He felt like
combusting on the spot. Keith was too adorable. "So, I am your favorite."

"Don't be cheeky," Keith griped with a smile. "But yes you are."

"I'm honored." Shiro really was. He knew that at least being this close with Keith was something he had unknowingly earned.
He would cherish this friendship and what every this delicate feeling that was growing between them.

An elbow nudged Shiro. "You better be."


Shiro found himself sitting poised in the nook that Keith like to occupy when he studied. Behind Shiro was the small courtyard and
large bookshelf. It made for a elaborate background. He had been sitting here for an hour already and he wondered if his employees would poke fun. Possibly. Pidge would definitely say something even though she was the one to usher Shiro away.

He felt a little guilty.
Fortunately this time of year was known to be slow.

Keith sat, large sketch pad balanced between his knees and non-dominate hand as he fixed a switch blade stare on Shiro as he drew. Having such an intense gaze made Shiro want to fidget, he had never been someone's model before
Shiro found himself meeting eyes with Keith and soon he held the gaze. It was nice to admire his beautiful eyes without having to quickly advert his glance.

Time passed slowly and quickly before Keith blinked and the hard look melted. "Break?"

"Break," Shiro agreed with a pop.
The both got up, stretching limbs and backs.

"Did you get far?"

"Um yeah," Keith looked shyly away. "You make a good model." He confessed, only to close the sketch book before Shiro could see. "I'll show you later, if that's okay?"

"I can wait," Shiro smiled. He placed a
hand on his shoulder. "Wanna coffee?"

"Please, thanks!"

His hand remained on Keith's shoulder as he guided him towards the coffee shop.

***Will continue later!!
Romelle was behind the counter, face cupped in both hands before the blonde woman lit up like a Christmas tree. "Keith! Shiro! Hello," she bounced behind the tall counter. "What can I get for you guys?


"Just a black coffee with no room."

"Tres Leches Latte, please."
Romelle beamed as she rang them up. "Okay, that'll be $5.56" Shiro easily paid and Romelle shooed both away, saying she bring their drinks over.

Keith lead them to a private table for the two of them to occupy. "Thank for modeling for me on short notice, while at work."
"The holidays make for a slow time, all the students are gone back home and folks are shopping for gifts and spending time with loved ones."

"What will you be doing for the holidays, Shiro?"

"I usually have white elephant party with friends at my place. I wanted to invite you.
I hope that isn't overstepping?" Shiro asked as he flushed and scratched at the back of his head.

"No, sound like fun. When is it?" Keith seemed to beam leaning in as he gave his full attention to Shiro.

"A few weeks out actually. If I had know you'd be in town I would have
asked sooner. Shouldn't have assumed." Shiro mused thoughtfully.

"Yeah you shouldn't have," Keith teased as Shiro made a small 'hmph' noise.

"Brat." The blush that overtook Keith's face was worth it.

Right then, Romelle came bounding up, coffees in each hand as she deposited
for both. "Enjoy boys," she sing-song before taking residence behind the counter.

The twosome took drinks of their hot drinks. Shiro savored his sweet latte while Keith enjoyed the robust flavor on his tongue.

"You're part of Visualbook?" Shiro asked.

"Yep." Keith fished
his phone out as he opened the app on his phone. Shiro did the same. "We should have done this a while ago." Keith mentioned offhandedly. Shiro couldn't agree more. He pulled up his and they both instantly found each other, sending friend request as they linked up their accounts.
"I'll be sending the party invite via VB."

"Okay, I'm looking forward to it. Can I have your number now?"

"Of course," Shiro passed his phone over to Keith and vise versa. He created a quick profile in Keith's phone before passing it back.

"Takashi Shirogane?"
"Yep that's me," he smiled bashfully. "I did put under nickname Shiro." He pointed at the contact he just created in Keith's phone.

"Does anybody call you Takashi?"

"Just my family."

Keith hums hearing this before taking another sip of his coffee. "What about lovers?"
"Oh um." He feels his face heat up. "It's been sometime, but they did in the past." Shiro looks down at his drink shyly.

Keith hums again as a slow small smile makes home on his face. He takes a drink from his black coffee his galaxy eyes stay fixed on Shiro. He feels like
he's being studied as if he's Keith's prey. It thrilling and he doubting he be good enough, but those eyes. In that gaze he feels like he could be good enough. He has too. Those eyes are trusting and Shiro would do anything to keep that.

"What are you plans for the holidays?"
"Well dad is coming two weeks out from Christmas since he's a middle school teacher. Once he's here he'll be staying at the dorm with me, my roommate went back home so it'll be me and dad celebrating." The smile on Keith's face makes Shiro smile as well.
"Sound nice Keith."

It's quiet between them and Shiro drinks more of his latte.

"Shiro, since were making plans outside of the library. Is it possible during my time off I have you come over? I'd like to paint you if possible."

"More portfolio work?"
"Kinda -, something like that." Keith's smile is secretive but so very alluring. Shiro feels drawn to it.

"Can't wait."
***Stopping for now

Keith and Shiro finish their coffee, returning to the nook to complete the preliminary sketch. Shiro leaned back, falling easily back into the pose as Keith sat on the ground as he kept his arm looped around the large book as he worked. His eyes focused once again.
Shiro smiled, eyes twinkling as he watched the concentration settle into those violet eyes.

He could get used to being a model if it gave him the opportunity to freely admire Keith.


Shiro's days filled with Keith visiting the library and keeping him company and on his off
days he found himself coming over to Keith's dorm and being his model. He had never spent the holidays like this, he was enjoying himself and falling even harder for Keith as he learned more and witnessed Keith in his natural environment. At home he seemed even sweeter. Relaxed.
In his small room Shiro sat on the bed, lounged back reading a book as Keith sat before a medium sized canvas, pencil scratching against the textured paper as Keith worked. Would steel glances over the pages of his book, Keith's gaze fixed and focused, brows lowered cutely.
"What is it?" Keith asked almost distractedly.

Shiro made a small aborted sound, but quickly blinked as he struggled to find words. Keith would do that to him sometime, made him incapable of speech.

"Need a break?"


"Okay," Keith stood, stretching on his toes with
arms above his head. He then turned and covered up the canvas. He still hadn't shown Shiro his pieces yet, the librarian could wait.

Shiro got off of Keith's bed, scooting to the edge of the full mattress and getting onto his feet. He smiled and followed Keith out.
Shiro found himself feeling equally at ease as Keith in the student's dorm. The first time he came over he was nervous, he knew it had to do with his attraction to Keith. Being in his presence outside of the library made Shiro very aware of them being alone. Though, he knew
nothing would come of it. Yet his mind kept circling the drain, think of the multiple kisses he had received on the cheek for weeks. What did it all mean?!

He panicked the first time coming over, now it was his fourth time and he felt those anxieties put to rest. Even if Keith
still gave him kisses on the cheek.

His metal hand was nabbed as Keith shot him a look over his shoulder. "No man left behind." Keith teased while Shiro had been lagging in his steps, his thoughts taking him elsewhere.

The older man blushed. "Thanks," he snickered.

"I am," Shiro confessed. "Do you want takeout? I can order some for us."

Keith shook his head. "No need, I can make us something real quick. You're always treating me, it's my turn for a change." Keith hums as a large smile pulls at his lips.

"Oh this'll be nice."
A home cooked meal? Wow! Shiro felt a warm overtake him as his heart sped up. Typically, Shiro ate out all the time because he couldn't cook.

He could burn water and so he ate out a lot or bought pre-made meals. Sometime Hunk would take pity on him and make food.
But this was special, different from Hunk as Hunk was taking care of a friend. With Keith doing this Shiro felt cherished and he fought the giddy feeling that was suddenly overtaking him.

"Can I help? I can at least cut things."
Keith tips his head back and laughs. "Sure. Just don't cut your finger off or something." Keith gives him a raised brow, still playfully teasing as always. Shiro feels his breath stutter as Keith begins to gather the hair off his neck as he puts it into a messy bun.
"I can manage that, I can't afford to loose anymore." He brandishes his metal arm for emphasis.

"Shit, I didn't mean -." Keith begins only for Shiro to wave him off.

"It's fine, not everyone likes my - um - sense of humor." His hand lands on Keith's shoulder giving
it a squeeze. "I'm okay and I'm comfortable with this part of myself now. So no need to have kid gloves with me."

Keith doesn't look sure and chews his lip.

Shiro's other hand cups, both hands taking gentle hold of Keith's arms. "I swear, I'm okay. C'mere," he pulls him in.
They're hugging and he feels Keith mold to him, his lips press into a nest of inky locks, so different from his white and he savors the feel of Keith's in his arms. This is nice. This is heaven. Shiro wants nothing more than to kiss Keith in the quiet of the kitchenette.
Keith draws a touch back, his big eyes looking up to Shiro but his arms still hold fast. They're both reading each other, gauging and unsure, yet the moment comes and like to forces drawing together. Their lips collide gently and the balmy warmth of lips is soothing all the
attraction and tension, want and longing. The first kiss is chaste, but it slowly grows, sprouting like a flower as their lips meet again and again. Each kiss becoming longer and deeper.

Keith is the first to let his tongue flick against Shiro's bottom lip, the older man moans.
He parts his lips, providing Keith admittance. Shiro wraps his arms tighter around Keith as the other's hands trace slow mesmerizing paths up and down Shiro's wide back, that feeling is good and sensual.

Shiro's stomach demands food and startles both, they draw back from the kiss, blink at each other before laughing at the ill-timing.

"Let's get you fed. We can kiss more after we eat?" Those eyes look a deeper shade of violet and Shiro feels his racing heart go light speed.
It's a meek question, one of hopefulness. Shiro's face turns red and he smiles largely. " I would love that." He leans down, nose nuzzling to Keith's. "I would love to give you more kisses," he breaths sweetly.

Keith give a loud laugh. "You sap," he lets his hands cup a face.
"C'mon food!" Keith give Shiro's butt a small pat.

***Will return!!
They eat and curl up on the couch, snuggled up and enjoying the conversations between one another. They hadn't kissed yet, but Shiro isn't in a rush. It'll happen and when it does it'll be organic.

"So you're dad's a middle school teacher, what subject?"
Keith hums a laugh. "Get this," he starts with a glimmer in his eyes. "Math." He delivers flatly. "He's the reason I chose the numbers as path of sorts. When I met my dad, I did horribly at math."


"Yeah -, I'm adopted. Originally, my dad was my teacher."
"Oh." Shiro faces Keith as he trains his attention on him. He won't push, but it seems like Keith want to continue this conversation.

"I was in seventh grade when I had his class and I was kinda always in trouble. My actual dad was a firefighter and he died when I was six."
Keith's eyes look upwards towards Shiro's face, his eyes tracking over the older man as if gauging him. He give a small nod before continuing.

"My dad had died in a fire, saved a whole family and their dog." Keith give a small proud smile before he takes a breath.
"I was in seventh when I met Iverson. A real hard ass, but he kept pestering me to do better and got me to believe in myself. I was able to turn around my school year and that summer - I was put up for foster care. Turns out Iverson did foster work during the summer.
He pulled some strings and I was able to stay with him. When they brought me over I was shocked, I was expecting the worst, but it didn't happen and since then I've been there. He and mom adopted me." Keith leaned back into Shiro, back to chest.

"Is your mom coming too?"
Keith shook his head. "No -. Mom passed away two years back." The conversation lulled.

Shiro's arms wrapped tighter around Keith, holding him closer. Normally, condolences were given but something told Shiro not to go that route. "Well you'll see your dad in about a week."
"You should meet him, dad would love a golden boy like you."

Shiro laughs, more like a nervous chuckle. "Why do you say that?"

"Well because you're a good guy and you'd have to be blind not to notice. Though dad's is blind in one eye," Keith admits a bit guiltily.
"Baseball accident," he offers as a way of explanation.

"It happens," Shiro winces.

"It does."

Another silence settles. It isn't uncomfortable, it actually nice and that makes Shiro happy that it isn't awkward when they aren't filling the void with words. Moments like this
can exist and it doesn't have to feel forced.

Though the silence doesn't last as Shiro finds himself asking. "When will I get to see your sketches?"

"Soon, promise." Keith gives one of his patent smiles. "You'll still need to do some more modeling for me. I pay you in dinner."
How could Shiro refuse such an offer.

"Sounds like fun," he grins.

"You bet." Keith own smile morphs to a smirk and he tips his head back, lips meeting Shiro's, it sweet and lingering.

"Mm, thank you." Shiro purrs. He lets his nose nuzzle into black locks. "Do you wanna
continue your sketching?" He presses his lips to Keith's temple.

"We could, but I don't want to keep you too late." A look passes in his eyes. "Unless you stay over, I can let you sleep in my roommate'ssss - um - never mind. Would the couch work? It folds out."
Shiro lets out a belly laugh and can imagine the horrors of what could be in the roommate's room. "If you don't mind, the couch works." Shiro concedes.

"Cool." Keith gets up and takes hold of Shiro's hand. "I haven't deep cleaned his room yet." He drags Shiro towards his room.
"God, y'don't know the half of it. If you met Lance, you'd know exactly why I went against having you sleep in his room. Besides, the couch and living room is safe neutral ground." Keith pushes the door open to his room and they enter.
"Should I be worried about your room as well?"

Keith grimaces then scowls. "Shiroo -," he whines. "Damnit," he shakes his head and gives a love tap on the ass. "Shut up and get on the bed." Keith orders.

Shiro salutes and takes residence as Keith settles back at his sketch pad
and easel, taking up his pencil as he waits for Shiro. The librarian takes his book back up and adjust his glasses as he settles back into the pose and dives head first into the fiction he's reading.

It a book about space knights that defend the universe, a promising read.
--- Stopping for now

Question though, keep this thread sfw or nsfw? Please know I am a bottom!Shiro fan and I hardly pass up the opportunity. :3
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