#RobMob is campaigning indoors.

Check the website to get your shirt.

(We haven’t set up for selling swag, yet, so just sign up under “volunteer” and message “tshirt” and we’ll get you one)
https://www.robandersonforcongress.com  https://twitter.com/nydbagredux/status/1247207583523504130
Just to let the Dem party know we got their backs during these difficult times (we also send #VoteBlue2020 stickers and bumper stickers): @StephenHandwerk @LaDemos @JohnBelforLA @AntoinePierce @LamarWhiteJr @TeamKCP
We’re all in it together.
In that spirit, I invite any of the Dem candidates who follow me, feel free to add the web link to your volunteer page on this thread:

@PhilArballo2020 @LizForTX8 @KimberlyforIowa @AmyMcGrathKY @ElectCarolAbney @PamKeithFL @HuffmanForNC @LuluForTexas @RepSwalwell @tedlieu
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