$SPX already into a C leg corrective leg higher off the lows, but if clears last week highs and closes back above weekly 200sma, it has more room to run. Watching for tape bombs and actual closing prices not intraday noise
$ES_F H4 200sma 1st tag since the decline started this will be some resistance
2760-70 is the 1,618 extension of C leg
$ES_F Late day hard fade from H4 resistance, not a huge surprise - What it does from here much important
$ES_F $SPX if they clear the 2760ish area to expect short-covering to ensue in further C leg - tough spot here to clear though the CTA wall
$ES_F just made a slight NH of the C leg move up and achieved small target 1 - target 2, if can clear this major resistance area, is over 2875-2975 zone
The roadmap has been clear on this thread even if a corrective ABC within a Bear no reason why you couldn't have traded long - ill stop now
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