1/ I think I have found my blind spot with regards to @USNavy and Nuclear Safety.

The USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT pulled into Vietnam where they had the first case show up on the ship.

I am not going to argue if that is a good or bad decision.
2/ The majority of the Nuclear fleet is moored in the homeports. That means that the ships are all located within US territories except for CVN 73 in Japan.
3/ The sailors on these vessels don’t necessarily live on board. In the case of submarines they definitely don’t live on board.

All sailors with families are going home most nights to be with their families.
4/ This why we need to know how @SECNAV will ensure the safety of nuclear reactors. The ventilation systems on submarines recirculate the air through the submarine. The quarters are extremely tight.
5/ Six feet of separation is virtually impossible. If an infection occurs it will spread rapidly and will probably infect the entire crew.
6/ What happens if there are zero crew members healthy enough to monitor the reactor even tough it is shutdown. The residual heat requires removal even after it is shutdown.

Navy reactors are essentially Gen II designs as far as safety goes.
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