Hello @gulf_news Thanks for escalating the case of Mitesh and Sumeet Bhandari to their employers.
Please see if you can do something for below case as well.
He's working in Huawei Dubai.
Cc: @Delhiite_ @PUNdidIT_ @QutqutG @satweets27 @sabihafayaz91 @tahirmahmood58 https://twitter.com/ca_shaz/status/1238431768790929408
Dear @Mazharfarooqui Sb....Please do something for this case as well. He's big fish and action against him will send stern message to all Islamophobes working in UAE.
@faisalmalix1 @HuaweiArabia @Huawei Any action taken against your Islamophobe Employee Vivek Saxena. He's 3G optimization Engineer in Huawei UAE.
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