1/ If the trends of the last few days weren't clear enough, @NYGovCuomo's press conference today leaves no room for doubt: new hospitalizations in New York, the center of the epidemic, fell to 358 - a 75% drop in four days.

Great. Obviously. But.
2/ This is likely to unwind fast now. We will all be told how wonderful it is that we've dodged a bullet, that the lockdowns worked. (But how we need them just a few weeks longer!) And there will every effort to count every #COVID death, to get the number as high as possible...
4/ Remember what we've done to our economy, how we've put more than 10,000,000 Americans - probably closer to 20,000,000 - out of work. Remember the choices we've made, and why we made them. Demand answers. Demand accountability.

Attention must be paid.
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