Clariant AG is a Swiss speciality chemicals company, formed in 1995 as a spin-off from Sandoz. The company started in 1995, as a spinoff (IPO) of the chemical operations of Sandoz, which then merged its pharmaceutical business with that of Ciba-Geigy to form Novartis. #Novartis
2/ Ciba-Geigy also went on to spin out its chemical operations, called Ciba Specialty Chemicals, which was later acquired by BASF.) In 1997, Clariant grew substantially, with the acquisition of the Hoechst speciality chemicals business. #Novartis 
Clariant CEO exits abruptly, renewing turmoil at Swiss group/Aramco-controlled Saudi Basic Industries (SABIC), which holds 25% of Clariant
24/07/19 🤔
MOSCOW (MRC) -- Clariant said joint venture talks with top shareholder Saudi Basic Industries (SABIC) had been shelved due to differences over asset prices, a further setback for the Swiss chemicals maker whose CEO abruptly quit.🤔
Novartis (&AT&T,TEVA,NRA etc.) are Corporate sponsors of ALEC. (KOCH) #Novartis #Clariant #Koch #KochNetwork
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SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries) is a Saudi diversified manufacturing company, active in petrochemicals, chemicals, industrial polymers, fertilizers, and metals. see next tweet in thread 
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Another side note: #Novartis Novartis Corporation Political Action Committee (a.k.a. Novartis PAC)🤔
Novartis Corp PAC
Novartis Corporation Political Action Committee is a United States Federal Political Committee. The Committee exists to aggregate contributions from members or employees and their families to donate to candidates for federal office.
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