【Sunset and Moonlight】

Pairing: Khun Aguero Agnis/Twenty-Fifth Bam #밤쿤 #쿤밤

Tags: fluff, time skip? (kinda, they're definitely not in the Tower anymore)

Summary: just....them being soft together really, that's all
As the orange sky slowly morphs into a darker shade – red, as if the sky itself is on fire – the dimly lit room slowly grows darker. Two people exist together in silence, basking in each other's presence.
With the lighting no longer sufficient for reading, Khun sets the book he has been indulging himself in down the coffee table. A sigh leaves his mouth, thinking he needs to turn on the lights in the room, but unable to move due to Bam's head resting comfortably on his lap.
Khun fixes his gaze down at Bam, watching how the colours of sunset painting his lover's sleeping face. It seems as if Bam's face is glowing and his dark hair looking more brown under the light. Khun loves seeing Bam like this, looking serene and peaceful. Beautiful.
A hand starts absentmindedly brushing the brown locks. It has gotten quite long, now almost reaching Bam's shoulder blades. He remembers hating it for a while. Not because Bam looks any less beautiful with long hair, it's not that. It's because the long hair reminded him of the—
—time where they couldn't be at each other's side, the time he when his lover was suffering and he couldn't be there for him. Now though, Khun takes pleasure in running his hand through the long, silky strands.
"I thought you disliked it?" Bam suddenly asks in a sleepy murmur, eyes still closed.

"Dislike what?"

"My hair."

Khun twirls the hair in his hand. "Hm, I did."

Bam stirs, rubbing the sleep off his eyes. He turns his head to look up at Khun. "What about now?"
Khun smiles, then leans down. He stops right when their lips are only millimetres apart.

"I could never," he whispers, then finally captures the other's lips.

They kiss unhurriedly, tender and sweet. Their lips dancing, slowly chasing each other, wanting to taste one another.
They kiss until the sky falls into the darkness of night. The moon being the only source of light, illuminating the now dark room.
They separate, briefly looking at each other before Khun leans back so Bam can sit up. Khun gets up to finally turn on the light.
Bam looks out the window, watching the clouds scatter, giving room for the moon to glow even brighter.
"The moon is so blue tonight," Bam says as he watches Khun walking past the window, the moon casting its light at the blue haired man, making his boyfriend's hair seem like it's shining under the moonlight.
"Sure." Khun chuckles, amused at the sudden boldness coming from his lover. He then decides to play along, "I can die happy now."

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