CW: NSFW, abo, O! Baku, A!Kiri, doctors, fertility issues, irregular bodily functions, break ups, minor KiriOC, endgame KiriBaku, angst, depression, self hate

Mitsuki wasn't surprised when he soon presented as an omega. He was practically a clone of herself so it made sense.
He had presented the summer before highschool, a little early but that's Katsuki.

He woke up having slicked the sheets. So, she took him to the doctor and yup. Omega.

They have him pamphlets and told him all about being an omega. The only thing different was he was male.
His first heat would probably hit him in a few months, as his body has to learn his new hormones. Plus he presented early.

/'No need to worry. You'll regulate in a few months.'/

How could she not have noticed?

Katsuki threw himself into training at school.
Then with everything that happened his first year, he figured his body hadn't regulated yet.

And it didn't bother him when other omega's would be out because of their heat.

It didn't bother him when they talked about their nests, or compared fabrics or techniques.
It didn't bother him when they complained about their after heat periods or aches or pains.

That was all stuff he didn't deal with. No heats, no nest, no nothing.

He was so focused on training and school that he didn't think about it.
Until Kirishima asked him to share his next heat with him.

The alpha was blushing and stammering, obviously nervous asking his boyfriend of two months to heat-share.

Katsuki said he'd think about it. But what he really did was call his mother.

"Make me a doctor's appointment."
"Huh? Why brat?"

"Shitty Hair asked me to heat-share."

Mitsuki was quiet over the phone.



Katsuki hung up and flopped onto his nestless bed.

She texted him 20 mins later with a time and date.
It was a day off from school thankfully.

So they sat in the waiting room, her flipping through a magazine while he couldn't keep still.

"We're just here to get birth control right? Why are you so nervous."

Katsuki didn't answer.

Mitsuki rolled her eyes.
The doctor was nice, a bit straight to the point. That's why the Bakugou's liked her.

"So, we're here for birth control."

"Yup. He's finally landed himself an Alpha." Mitsuki ruffled get son's hair.

"No problem at all. I just need some information. When was your last heat?"
Katsuki dug his fingers into his legs, "Dunno."

"Oh. You should really keep track of your heats. Just estimate how many months then."


The doctor's eyes widened, jaw almost dropping before she caught her composure, "36? That would mean-"

"I've never had a heat."
Mitsuki stared at her son, jaw dropped.

The doctor didn't know what to say either.

Katsuki just kept his gaze down, fingers digging tighter into his knees.

"I'm- are you sure? Everyone's b heats are different."

She cleared her throat, "Well. I want to run some tests then. Give me a moment." The doctor left the exam room, leaving mother and son alone.

Mitsuki took a breath, "Kats-"

"Don't. I just- I know this probably means something bad but- I just. Don't."

He sounded scared.
"Okay." She did reach out, resting her hand in his leg. After a second he grabbed onto it.

The doctor came back in then, with an ultrasound machine, a blood draw kit and a gown.

"Okay, I do need to do a pelvic exam as well." She gestured to the changing divider.
He changed quickly and hopped back on the exam bench.

"Alright, just scoot down here and legs up."

The doctor set up the steps and draped a blanket over his lap.

The exam was painless, thankfully. Though the doctor had a concerned look on her face.
"Okay. Now for the ultrasound."

She let his legs down and set up the machine.

"Pull up the gown please."

He pulled the gown up, letting the blanket cover his lap.

She squirted some gel onto his stomach and started the machine.
She moved the wand around his skin, every now and then taking pressing a button on the machine.

"Okay. Go ahead and get dressed and we'll talk.". She wiped off his skin and let him get dressed.
"From the pelvic exam and the ultrasound, it looks like you have uterine hypoplasia. This means that your uterus didn't develop fully during the presentation process. This effects things like heats, as well as other normal omega functions like nesting and maternal instincts."
Katsuki felt his mother grip his hand tightly.

"What do we do." Her voice shook ever so slightly.

"Not much. We don't want to remove the uterus as it is still performing it's hormonal function for the most part."

" there anything we can do?"
The doctor sighed, "We can give him hormone therapy to boost omega hormones to a normal level. It would allow him to have heats, nesting instincts, but based on the fact that you haven't experienced these before, I would advise against it."

Katsuki nodded.
The rest of the appointment was kind of a blur. The doctor took a blood sample, and have them a recommendation for an omega hormone counselor if they chose to do so.

Mitsuki drove him back to the schools campus but she really wanted to take him home.
She wanted to hide him away in her nest, scent him and hold him line she used to do when he was little.

He hadn't crawled into her nest in so long. The last time was after he had been kidnapped in his first year. He practically dragged his parents to it after he got home.
She parked the car in the drop off area and let out a shaky breath.

"Thanks." Katsuki said gruffly, unbuckling to get out of the car. Before he could though, she reached over and wrapped get arms around him, pulling him close.

He let it happen.
Didn't hug her back. She didn't expect him to.

"See ya Hag."

"Bye brat. And don't forget to call!"

"Yeah yeah." He shoved his hands into his pockets and walked off.

If Mitsuki cried on her way home, well. No one would know about it.
Katsuki took the long way back to the dorm. He didn't want to run into anyone, especially Kirishima. He wouldn't be able to hide anything. He needed to figure out a plan.

Thankfully by the time he got back most of the extras were busy, so he slipped upstairs to his room.
He thought he got lucky until a there was a knock on the door.

By the smell it was the one person he didn't want to see.


He steeled himself and opened the door. Sure enough there was Kirishima.


"Oh um, I was wondering when your next heat is-"

"No? Oh. So you don't-"

"No. I don't."

Katsuki hated how the redhead's scent soured.

"I guess it was kinda sudden to ask, but I'll be here when you're ready."


The words came tumbling out of his mouth before he could stop them.
"Bakugou? What do you-"

"I'm not going to heat-share with you. It was stupid to start this whole relationship to begin with. You're only going to slow me down. So fuck off."

And he slammed the door shut.
Katsuki stared at the back of his door. His heart was pounding, mind completely blank.

Why did he do that? Kirishima was his best friend before he asked him out and now...

Now he just slammed the door in his face! He hadn't acted like this since first year!
/'But what would he do when he finds out you're broken?'/


/'You're broken. Worthless and weak. How can someone like you deserve an alpha like him?'/

Katsuki's legs felt weak. He dropped to the floor by his bed, curling up into a ball.

/'Useless. Broken. Weak.'/
The words repeated over and over in his head. He hadn't even realized tears were spilling down his cheeks.

He pulled away from everyone after that night. He didn't answer texts, wouldn't open the door no matter who knocked.

Socially, he was a shell of himself.
In training and school however he was still top of the class, aceing tests and flying through training.

When graduation rolls around, Katsuki was an entirely different person. Basically a stranger to his classmates.

He moves away as soon as he could as well.
Three years later, Ground Zero is narrowing in on the Top Ten. He's popular not only because he's strong but because he's an omega.

But right behind him are Shouto and Deku, both betas. And he always keeps Red Riot on his radar, currently ranked 22.
Then it happens.

It's all over the tabloids, blogs, fansites, it's everywhere.

Bakugou Katsuki aka ProHero Ground Zero's medical files from highschool.

His deepest, darkest secret is everywhere.

That he's broken.

That he's weak.
Miruko is /furious/.

Katsuki had never seen her this mad. Ever.

She calls the best lawyers in the country and tells him to take time off.

He tries to go to his apartment but sure enough there's media camped out in front of his building.
So, he gets away. Finds himself in front of a door to just a normal apartment around two in the morning.

He knocks, brain on autopilot.

The door opens a few minutes later to reveal a sleepy redheaded alpha, "Bakugou?"

Katsuki took a shaky breath, "Can I come in?"

"Rou-Rou, who's there?"

Katsuki's stomach dropped.

An omega peaked out from behind Kirishima. About half his height, with dark hair and wearing an old Crimson Riot shirt that was way too big on them.

"Rin, uh-"

"Sorry. Wrong apartment."
Katsuki turned on his heel and walked away.

Why did he feel like crying. Why did I feel like a hole was in his chest.

He was the one that broke up with Kirishima. Why shouldn't the alpha find someone else? It made sense, he was the perfect alpha.
That's why Katsuki didn't deserve him in the first place.

He was broken.

Kirishima deserved to have a real omega, not a broken one.

Once again he finds himself in front of a door, this time to a small house.

Instead of a giant alpha, it's a green haired beta and his mate.
((CW: I forgot, IzuOcha, child oc))
Deku stared at him.


"Just let me in Deku."

"Oh no! We just got Toshi to sleep!"

Deku looked over his shoulder at Round Face, "But he-"

"He cut us off remember?"


Both betas looked at Katsuki, eyes wide. They had never heard him say that before.
Wordlessly, Deku opened the door wider and allowed him to come inside. Round Face was already off to what looked like the kitchen while Deku lead him to the living room.

"What happened Kacchan?"

"So you didn't see?"

"We've been busy, but my mom called earlier."
Round Face set down a plate of cookies and some glasses of milk.

"When did you-"

"3rd year. Shitty Hair asked me to heat-share."

Katsuki found himself hugging one of the throw pillows, absent-mindedly picking at the fringe.

"How did you not notice?"

"What? It's an honest question!"

"It's rude!"

"It's Bakugou!"

Deku opened his mouth but didn't say anything.

"I was focused on training and shit. Dunce Face and the others having to take weeks off for their heats seemed like a hassle. I was happy I didn't worry about it."
"How long are you going to stay here?"

"Probably just a day or two. Stupid reporters should leave my place then."

They nodded and got him a pillow and blanket.

"Toshi will probably be up in few hours but don't worry about it."

Then they were off to their bedroom.
Katsuki laid there on the couch, staring at the ceiling just wishing that sleep would come.

It didn't.

Instead his thoughts stewed in his head. Deku and Round Face were mated. They had a pup.

Why did he come here? They hadn't talked in years.
The only reason he knew where they lived was because stupid Deku sends him life updates. On him, IcyHot, old classmates. Except for Kirishima.

He knew about Kirishima because there were nights like this that he couldn't sleep, he'd browse the internet. Keeping up with Red Riot.
Why did he torture himself though? He didn't know.

After laying there for a could hours it started.

The crying.

As an omega, his first instinct should have been sooth, find out what was wrong.

But all Katsuki could think was when was it going to shut up.
Finally the crying stopped. He could hear down the hall Deku humming some lullaby.

He sat up.

It was good that he couldn't have children. He wouldn't have been a good parent.

Kirishima would be though. He had talked about it all the time. How he wanted pups one day.
It was good that he broke it off when he did.

It wouldn't have worked out in the end.

/'Broken. Broken. Broken.'/

Katsuki let out a soft whine.

Shut up!

/'Broken. Broken. Broken.'/

Shut up shut up!

/'Broken. Worthless. Weak.'/

"Shut up!"

The crying started again.
This is why he wouldn't make a good parent. While Deku was trying once again to get his pup to sleep, Katsuki slipped out the door and into the early morning.

He just drove around until his eyes were too heavy to keep going.
So he found an all night coffee place and got the largest drink they had. Once he finished his coffee, he kept going.

Ended up at his parents house around six am. They weren't even home, away in Paris for fashion week.

But it would smell like them.
He used his key to get in and made his way to his parents bed room.

Sure enough their nest was still in the bed. He crawled in and curled around his mother's pillow, letting exhaustion take him over.
The next thing he knew it was two days later and he was walking up to the fresh scents of his parents and soft hands carding through his hair.

"Wake up you brat." His mother's voice was soft.

He blinked his eyes and sat up slowly, "Hey Hag. Shouldn't you be back next week?"
"We heard about what happened and took the first flight home we could."

Mitsuki pulled him close, arms wrapping tightly around him.

"I'm sorry."

"Shh. No need to say that. Your father is cooking breakfast. And you need a shower."
Katsuki nodded, letting out a soft purr as she stroked his hair.

"Come on brat."

She got him up and into the shower, leaving fresh towels and spare clothes on the counter.

When he got out, Masaru was just finishing plating the food. Omelettes and rice.
They ate in silence. It was refreshing, even the voices in his head were quiet. But they always were with his parents.

He never felt broken or weak with them.

"Katsuki. When are you going back?"

"Probably today, the reporters should be gone by now."

Mitsuki sighed.
Whatever she was about to say was cut off by a loud knock on the door.

Masaru stood to answer it.


"Ah! Mr. Bakugou!"

Katsuki dropped his fork.

Kirishima... Kirishima was here. At his parents house.

"Can I help you, Red Riot?"
"Oh, you can just call me Kirishima sir. But I'm looking for your son actually. Izuku Midoriya called me yesterday saying he didn't know where he was and a bunch of us are worried and-"

"Kirishima. Relax, he's here."

"Oh. Good. I can call Izuku and-"

"Come in."
Katsuki felt sick. He didn't want to see Kirishima.

But here he was, following his father into the kitchen.

"Bakugou! I'm so glad you're okay!"

Katsuki didn't know what to say so he just grunted.

"Bakugou, can we talk?"

How did such a large alpha look so small?
"Come on." Katsuki stood from the table and led him to the living room.

"What did you want to talk about?" He asked, plopping onto the couch.

"Um, well. I wanted to know a couple things actually."

The blond cocked his head, "Go on."

"Okay. Why did you come to my apartment?"
Katsuki barely managed not to whine.

He didn't even know why he went there, it was autopilot. They hadn't talked in years and certainly weren't close.

"I'm sorry! I shouldn't have- let me start over!"

Kirishima was red in the face, his scent souring with embarrassment.

"Is what got posted online true?"


"And you found out in 3rd year?"


"And you didn't tell me or...or anyone?"

"Why? It wouldn't change anything."

Katsuki couldn't place the look on Kirishima's face.
It almost looked caught between anger and regret.

"We could have helped you."

"Helped me with what?"

The alpha opened his mouth but closed it before saying anything.

"That's what I thought."

"Is this why you broke up with me?"

Katsuki looked away.
"It was...but...why? Bakugou, I wouldn't have cared! I don't care!"

"Really? You wouldn't have cared that we couldn't really bond or that I can't have pups? You don't care that I'm a horrible omega? I doubt that."

Kirishima was slack jawed.
"Bakugou, do you really think that about yourself?"

Katsuki avoided his gaze.


"I don't know why I showed up in your door. But I won't bother you or your mate again. Is there anything else?"

Kirishima took a deep breath.

"Why did you cut everyone off?"
"Everyone was holding me back."


Katsuki stared at the alpha. He rarely cursed at school.

"We weren't holding you back. We were a pack, a family. Then, you pulled away. And we tried and tried but you just shut us out."

"I answered your questions. Leave."
"Bakugou. I want to be your friend again."

"Get out before I make you."

"I'll go. And I'm not mated to Run yet."

Kirishima stood, thanked Katsuki's parents in the other room and left.

Katsuki didn't know what he meant by that.

He wanted to be his friend? Not mated /yet/?

He looked up at his mother.

"You should reach out to your friends again."

"Shut up."

"I mean it! Your were at your best when you had them!"

"I was not! I'm at my best now!"

"Hiding out at your parents?"

"That's because-"
"Yes it's because of some asshole who's going to get the shit sued out of him but! Right now you only have us, you could have them too."

Katsuki hated when she was right. Which was more often then he liked.

With a final hug, he was sent on his way.
The reporters weren't in front of his building when he pulled up but he circled the block a few times before parking in the garage.

Two steps into his apartment and he already hated it. It was full and lifeless. Just enough furniture, no decorations, no food in the fridge.
He just wanted to crawl into a hole and stay there forever.

He crawled his way into his nestless bed, plugged in his phone in case the agency needed him and just tried to forget about the world.

Tried being the operative word because his phone started buzzing like crazy.
"Who the fuck..."

He grabbed his phone and stared at the messaging app. It rarely went off.


Oh no.
A call from an unknown number filled his screen.

Five bucks it's Kirishima.

He hits answer and sure enough-



"I didn't give you permission to add me. Nor did I give you my number."

"But Bakugou-"

"Don't call me again."

Five. Four. Thr-



Three. T-








Katsuki didn't know what to say.
"Bakugou. I'm not going to give up on you ever again. I don't care about what happened before and I don't care how much you're going to fight me. You are going to be my friend."

"Stop being an idiot."

"The idiot is you. I want my best friend back."

Katsuki let out a soft whine
"We'll take it slow. Just me, maybe Izuku. Then the squad and then everyone else. It'll be fine Bakugou."

"You don't want me back."

He thought he said that to himself.

"We do. I do."
Katsuki hung up before he could say anything else and thankfully Kirishima didn't call back.

He wasn't good got them, why didn't they get it?

But before his brain could spiral even more his phone started buzzing.
Katsuki wanted to throw his phone.

Why did the Hag have to stick her nose into his business!

He figured out how to mute the chat then went to check his work emails.


He sighed. Curry sounded good right now.
Two months.

It has been two months since Pro Hero Ground Zero's medical records were leaked to the public.

Two months since it forced him to reconnect with his old friends and classmates.

And in those two months he's been happier then he has in the past three years.
He learned how they had been and what they had been doing, more so then the nerd had been filling him in.

The Bakusquad was back in action. They even had weekly get togethers when they had days off.

And that's what they were doing that night. Hanging out in a club.
((CW: Drugging, noncon touching, attempted rape))
Katsuki didn't get out much. He wasn't much (read not at all) a drinker or partier. So he didn't notice that after two drinks he shouldn't have been as hot or feel as weak as he did.
Kirishima and Mina were getting drinks and Sero and Kaminari were dancing.

He was still in the booth, but it was too hot. To stuffy, too smelly. His brain was so muddled he didn't even realize that all the mixed scents around him were bugging him. They didn't normally.
He some how found his way outside, leaning against a brick wall in the alley next to the club.

Still too hot.

So hot.

And his clothes felt too tight, too rough against his skin.

"There you are."

Katsuki looked up and tried to figure out who was there.

"Shitty Hair?"

Not Kirishima.

It was an alpha, not that was about as much as Katsuki could tell. His eyes were watering and blurry.

"I need..."

"You need an alpha pretty omega~"

Katsuki shivered, ""

"Shhh. Let alpha take care of you."
He had never felt this sluggish and weak. He could barely move his body, even as the foreign alpha pressed him against the wall, nosing at his neck.

"There's a good omega. I couldn't believe it when I saw you, the great Ground Zero walk in. You should really watch your drinks."
Hands pushed up his shirt, roughly groping his pecs and nipples. A wet tongue slid along his neck.

Even through the haze of his mind, Katsuki knew he didn't want this. He didn't want this strange alpha touching him. He wanted /his/ alpha.

He wanted Kirishima.
"Present for me omega." The alpha nipped his ear, turning Katsuki around so his bare chest was against the rough bricks.

His belt was undone and a hand was down his pants reaching for a place no one had ever touched.

"Ah, nice and wet for me."

Katsuki felt his palms crackle.
"No no no, bad omega."

The alpha shoved his face into the brick.

"Now let me get what I want."

"Al-alpha!" It was a weak cry.

His pants were pulled down, goosebumps travelling along hot skin as he was exposed to the cool night air.

"Am I your first? Lucky me."

Suddenly the alpha was out of his space and without him holding Katsuki up he quickly crumpled onto the ground.

Everything was hazy. So many colors. Red and yellow and pink and black. Was that purple?

So many scents. Familiar. Pack? It was pack.
"Blasty, look at me." Warm hands cupped his face, forcing him to look into yellow eyes.

"He doesn't smell like heat but he's burning up."

"Musta drugged him."

"Ei! Eijirou stop!"

No, alpha protect.
Katsuki whined, loud enough that Kirishima, who was in the middle of trying to beat the alpha into the ground even while Shinsou was trying to hold him back, heard it.

"Blasty, Bakugou it's okay."

Calming scents surrounded him.

"Ei, why don't you and Meens take care of him."
Katsuki tuned out the rest of them he could only focus on the smell of his alpha.

He whined again, trying to get his body to move. He wanted to be in his alphas arms.

But he was stopped. He was pulled into a soft body, nose pressed into skin. It wasn't alpha but it was nice.
"Rin's hospital is close by right?"

"Yeah but..."

Katsuki didn't pay attention to the conversation. He couldn't process the words. He rarely processed the hands of his pack helping him to his feet, fixing his clothes and getting him into a car.
The next time he's coherent, he's blinking up at florenscent lights and the sterile smell of scent blockers.

"What...what happened...?"


He turned to see Mina, sitting up in an uncomfortable looking chair.


"The hospital. You got...I'm how much do you re-"
He groaned as he say up. His body felt heavy.

"I think...was I-"

He thought hard and flashes in memory came back to him, "Fuck was I...drugged?"

Mina nodded, biting her lip, "They pumped your stomach and have you something to get it out of your system."

That explains the IV.
"Where's everyone else?"

"Hanta, Denki and Hitoshi are dealing with the police about that bastard. Eiji is getting coffee."

There was a knock before a nurse poked her head in.

"Oh good! You're awake!" She opened the door fully and came inside.
She was short, probably only came up to Katsuki's shoulders, with dark hair and tanned skin and definitely omega. Most nurses were.

Katsuki didn't think anything of her as she checked on him.

"Reactions are good. Looks like most of the drug is out of your system."
She wrote down a few things on his chart, "Now, Mr. Bakugou, I have to ask you a few questions."

He grunted in response.

"When was your last heat?"


She blinked, mouth ajar before it hit her, "Oh! I'm so sorry!"

"Tch. Whatever."

"Blasty!" Mina smacked his arm.
"Okay um. Then have you ever experienced heat like symptoms before?"


"Okay, the drug you were given is intended to force omegas into heat symptoms while also knocking them out. Had it of stayed in your system longer, you would have had a worse experience."
She was about to continue when someone else walked in.

"They didn't have the coffee you like Meens so I got- oh!"

Kirishima stood holding two coffees. His eyes were wide, darting back and forth between Katsuki and the nurse.

"Rou-Rou? What's wrong?" The nurse asked him.
Katsuki's stomach dropped. The nurse was the same omega that was at Kirishima's apartment.

"Oh uh, I wasn't expecting you to be here- I mean you're working and I didn't expect Ka-Bakugou to be awake yet and-"

"It's okay. I get it. I'll come back in a few minutes."
The nurse stood on her tiptoes to give him a quick peck and was back out the door, closing it behind her.

"So I'm gonna be anywhere else but here..."

Mind quickly grabbed her coffee and left the room.

Katsuki let out a breath through his nose.

Be calm. Be cool. No explosions.
"So, she's your mate?"

Kirishima squeaked.

It was odd to see someone his size squeak.

"No! We aren't mated. Rin is my girlfriend."

"Ah. How'd you meet."

"Are you sure-"

"How did you meet."

"I got hurt at work and she was one of my nurses. We just sort of hit it off."
"How long have you-"

"Bakugou. Please stop. I can tell-"

"I broke up with you, right? So it doesn't matter how I feel about you or her or anything. So just tell me how long."

Kirishima sighed, "About a year and a half."

Katsuki nodded.
They lapsed into silence, Kirishima nervously sipping his drink while Katsuki picked at the blanket on the bed.

"Look. I've been meaning to tell you and I didn't know if you remembered that night-"

"You don't need to apologize shitty hair."
Kirishima sighed again but didn't say anything else.

"Is it safe?" Mina poked her head in.

"Shut up Raccoon Eyes."

"Ah. We're back to the nicknames about our features I see."

She came in followed by a different nurse.
The nurse finished the questions and the doctor came and checked on him as well.

"Alright. Everything looks good but I'd recommend having someone with you for 24 hours to make sure there's no other side effects."

"He can-"

"Sleeo over at Blasty's!" Mina cut Kirishima off.
"Mr. Bakugou, the police are here to ask you some questions." Rin was back to two police officers.

The room cleared out, he was asked the standard questions and he was free to go.

Kirishima wasn't there to see him off.
The can ride to Katsuki's apartment was unfortunately not quiet.

Mina would not stop talking. About clothes, about gossip, movies, music, name anything and she probably mentioned it.

"Damn Blasty this place is....nice?"

Katsuki rolled his eyes. It was empty.
"Guest room?"

"Second door on the left."

She skipped off.

He rolled his shoulders. Everything was sore and he just wanted to sleep.

"Uh Blasty? There's no bed."

Oh right. He didn't furniture for the guest room.


He looked up at the beta, "Huh?"
"I called your name like three times. Let's get you to bed."

They walked to his room. He didn't miss her odd look at his nestless bed, "Want your PJs?"

"I can do it myself."

"I know. Where are they?"

"Bottom drawer."

She left him on the bed to fetch the clothes.
"I'm borrowing some too!"

She helped him change and tucked him in.

"I'll be on the couch if you need me."

"Get in here Raccoon Eyes."

"It's okay. I've slept in plenty a couch."

"Ashido. Now."

Mina rolled her eyes but climbed into bed with him.
He was almost asleep when she spoke again.

"You really hurt him. He was broken for weeks."

He didn't know if she thought he was asleep or if she knew he could hear her. He didn't want to ask.

"But you were hurting too. He had me and everyone. We could help him get through."
His breath caught in his chest.

"I didn't think I could forgive you. It was so hard to act normal, like I wasn't so mad at you. But I figured it out. It's easier to hurt yourself then to let others hurt you."

He wasn't going to cry. He wasn't going to cry.
"Bakugou I... Katsuki. Never push us away again."

A hand touched his arm.

"I don't think he could take you leaving again. None of us can. We care about you too much."

She gently tugged in his arm until he moved over, allowing her to pull him close.

"He still loves you."
If Mina felt tears against her shoulder she didn't say anything.

Katsuki sucked in a breath, "No he doesn't. He moved on."

"Doesn't mean he stopped loving you."

And that's the last thing she said. She just stroked his arm and back until he fell asleep.
The next morning Mina dragged him to her apartment.

"Why are we here?"

Katsuki really just wanted to work. But Miruko told him that if she saw him at the agency she would kick his ass to kingdom come. He didn't doubt her as she'd done it before.
"We're having a pack day and your apartment is not pack ready."

"It's fine!"

"You barely have furniture!"

"I have enough for me!"

"And it's not just you anymore! You have your pack again. And we're not letting you go!"

Mina pointed to the kitchen, "Start cooking!"
Katsuki glared at her, "Raccoon Eyes I am not-"

"You will."

"The fuck I am!"

"Fine, I'll do it. I was always a better cook them you anyway."

She got two steps to the kitchen before Katsuki's growl stopped her.

"You. Will not. Touch. Anything."
Mina threw hew hands up in defeat, but couldn't keep the smirk off her face, "Fine fine."

He was muttering to himself as he marched into the kitchen, "...stupid.....can't cook.....set water on fire....."

She sat down at the kitchen bar and watched him work.
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The rest of the pack showed up when Katsuki was just about done cooking.

"Holy fuck what smells so good?" Hanta practically moaned as he walked toward the kitchen.

"Blasty's cooking." Mina answered, nodding toward the still muttering blond.

"Oh how I missed it."
Denki and Kirishima were right behind him, leaning over the tall beta's shoulders to get a peak into the kitchen.

"What is he cooking? I hope it's-" Denki asked only to have a knife thrown in his direction, sinking into the wall right over his shoulder.
Katsuki was glaring, arm still outstretched.

"You'll eat what you're given."

"Yes sir." The three men said with a gulp, while Mina just rolled her eyes.
After the food is ready, which is apparently some combination of fried rice, meats and veggies, the pack piles onto Mina's pull out couch and eat while watching shitty horror movies.

Mina and Hanta just laugh at everything while Denki and Kirishima always get scared.
Katsuki, sitting between Mina and Hanta, basks in it all. He really fire l does feel like he has a pack again.

They fall asleep around midnight, Denki cuddled up to Kirishima while Katsuki was squished into Mina's chest and Hanta spooning him from behind.
((CW: Mentions of smoking))
It's not much later that he wakes up, back cold. He manages to get out of Mina's grip and finds Hanta out on the balcony.

He's sitting in a deck chair, arms folded behind his head and cigarette smoldering in the ash tray.

"Thought you quit."
Hanta shrugged, "Only when I'm stressed."

Katsuki leaned against the railing, dipping his head back so he could see the stars, "What are you stressed about?"

"Little bit of everything."

The blond chuffed, "Ain't that the truth."

They lapsed into silence.
Hanta snuffed out the cigarette before letting out a sigh, "Are you going to ask him out?"

Katsuki whipped his head up, eyes wide before schooling his expression into a glare, "Fuck off."

The dark haired beta held his hands up in surrender, "Just a question."
((CW: Unrequited love, mentions of SeroMina))
The blond scowled, "A rude one. What about you? Have you asked her out?"

Hanta shook his head sadly, "Yup. Five times. I'm not her type."

"What's her type then?"

"People who break her heart that I get to put back together."
"Even though she doesn't love you?"

"Especially because she doesn't love me."

Katsuki didn't get the logic. Why should he go out of his way for her, when he's been rejected already?

"I can see the gears turning. It's so she knows that that's how she should be treated."
Silence happened again.

Katsuki turned and leaned over the railing, looking out into the city. It was peaceful.

It was when he let out his third yawn that Hanta wrapped an arm around his waist and brought him back inside.
Morning came too quickly. Sunlight streamed through the windows, tickling Katsuki's face.

No. Five more minutes.

He snuggled back into his pillow, letting the weight of his blanket lull him back to sleep with it's steady breathing.


Pillows and blankets don't breath...
He opened his eyes slowly, squinting at the bright sun light before looking at his pillow.

It was actually a chest. Big and broad covered in an old Crimson Riot tee-shirt. And his blanket was actually two arms, strong and warm, wrapped around him like he was a teddy bear.
Oh. It was just Eijirou, mate. Alpha.

Katsuki cuddled back into his alphas warmth, letting the softest of purrs rumble through his chest.


His eyes shot open and he scrambled out of the big alpha's arms, elbowing him in the stomach as he did.
He ended up falling off the pullout, palms sizzling as his heart raced.

Kirishima was coughing, holding his stomach as he rolled on the bed.


Katsuki's head whipped around to see Denki being smacked on the head by Mina.
"Why did you do that!?" She grabbed his shirt and shook him.

"It- was- cu- te- pl- ease- stop!"

"What happened?"

Katsuki looked back at Kirishima before getting to his feet and quickly locking himself in the bathroom.
Katsuki didn't know how long he stayed there, curled up with the voices in his head screaming at him.

It was at least long enough for everyone to go home Mina told him after knocking on the door.

He took a deep breath and unlocked the door.
And another breath before he could step out into midmorning and into her arms.

She was a good replacement for his mother, soft and comforting with just a subtle scent of citrus.

"You did look cute cuddling together." She said after awhile, pouring a cup of coffee.
"But he's dating someone. Cuddling with Dunce Face I get cause he's mated but with me it's wrong." Katsuki grumbled into his mug.

The pink beta shrugged, "I don't know about that. Pack is pack. You can mate within in, you can mate outside of it, but pack is pack."
He gave her a look akin to 'what the fuck does that mean?' which she just answered with another shrug.

"What's his girlfriend like?"

At that Mina pursed her lips, "Do you really want to know?"

"Does she make him happy?"

"From what I can tell, yeah."

He sighed.
"But," she added, "he's been much happier ever since we got you back into our lives."


Mina took that as Blasty for 'yay'.
Before he knew it, it had been seven months. Seven months of having his friends back, of weekly pack nights and get togethers.

If you had told Katsuki before that he would be looking forward to being around people, he would blown your face off.

But here he was.
Dressed up in a suit for this big UA class A/B reunion.

He felt confident. Hair just right, suit cut perfectly and eyeliner just the right amount of smudged.

Lately he'd been getting good vibes off Kirishima, a little more then just friendly.
And he hadn't been smelling like Rin lately either.

Tonight, he was going to make his move.

He practiced the speech over and over in his head.

'I was an idiot but please me a second chance.'

At least that was the plan until he saw Kirishima and Rin across the restaurant.
They looked good together, dressed alike in matching red.

Katsuki didn't know why he didn't expect Rin to be here, maybe because she hadn't been to any other large gathering?

He shook his head. Nope, this didn't change his plans at all.
He got a drink from the bar and squared his shoulders.

They were talking with a couple he didn't recognize. Something must have said something funny because they laughed, causing Rin to tilt her head back, revealing the bandage on her neck.

A bandage covered her bond spot.

No no no no....

Katsuki was out the door and half way down the block before he knew what was going on.


No shitty Deku.

"Wait up!"

No. He just wanted to be alone.

He was safe alone. He wouldn't get hurt alone. No one could see how broken he was alone.
Eventually Deku stopped following him. But then started the calls. And the texts.

He eventually just turned it off. And kept it off for days.

He didn't want to talk to anyone.
It's two weeks later when they finally try to catch him at home.

It was too early to deal with people but the knocking wouldn't stop.

Ten minutes in he gave up, stalking to the door, growling and muttering under his breath.

He tore open the door.


It was Rin.
She dressed in scrubs, and her hair was up in a bun.

But Katsuki's eyes were locked with her neck.

No scar.

No bite mark.

That means...

"Can I come in? I just got off work and my feet are killing me." She gave a tired chuckle as she shifted her weight from foot to foot.
Katsuki just nodded dumbly, moving out of the way so she could come in.

They sat in the living room. Rin was ringing her hands, while Katsuki say stiff as a board, arms crossed over his chest so he didn't blow anything up.
"I'll get right to the point. I'm breaking up with Eijirou."

Katsuki knew he must have heard that wrong.


"I'm breaking up with Eijirou."

There it was again. He was hearing things.


She sighed, "Is it that hard to believe?"
"Yeah? It's Shitty Hair! Who the hell would ever break up with him?"

Rin just cocked an eye brow.


Katsuki broke up with him.

He huffed, "Why? I mean why are you telling me?"

"Because I'm breaking up with him, so you two can be together again."

Okay. Now he was confused.
"When we first met, in the hospital, I was so nervous. Eijirou wouldn't stop talking about you. Bakugou this and Bakugou that. He's so manly and awesome. But he mostly talked about how much he missed you."

Katsuki opened his mouth but She cut him off, "Let me finish please."
He nodded.

She took a deep breath then continued.

"He was so worried when he and Ashido brought you in. Twitchy and jumpy especially after learning I was going to be your nurse. He didn't want us to meet, I wonder if he felt like he was cheating on me or something."
Katsuki remembered how jumpy Kirishima was that day.

"But the thing that shook me the most was the way he was looking at you while you were unconscious. It was like he was looking at his mate. I'll admit I was jealous, and I shouldn't have kissed him in front of you. I'm sorry+
+ about that. I just, I could already feel me losing him. I know I've lost him now but...he's Eijirou. He's not going to leave me, he's too nice. So, I'm making the choice for him."
Katsuki let out a breath and leaned against the back of the couch.

"How do you even know he wants me like that?"

Rin gave him a sad smile, "Because he's never given me the same smiles as you get. Or the laughs. It the sheer joy. He loves you Bakugou. He's just too nice to+
+ to let go."

He didn't know what to say or what to do.

"I...I don't know..."

"Just make him happy, okay?" Her voice was shaky, and her eyes were watering but she was smiling, "Now if you excuse me, I have to get home to start packing."
He nodded and walked her to the door.

"Wait. Why did you have your neck covered at the party?"

Rin blinked then laughed, "I burned myself curling my hair. I dress up fancy and the one time I try I burn myself like an idiot."

She gave him one last wave then left.
Later Katsuki got a text.
When Kirishima showed up he looked...well not terrible but definitely not good. It was obvious he had been crying, eyes red and bloodshot. His lips were also swollen and bruised, even split his lower lip from biting it.
He was even wearing scent patches that were barely blocking out his distressed scent.

“Thanks again for letting me come over.” Kirishima gave Katsuki a weak smile, “I brought dinner.”

He held up the takeout bags from Katsuki’s favorite curry place.
“No problem Shitty Hair.” He closed the door behind the alpha before grabbing two bowls and cutlery.

They sat in the living room, eating in silence until Kirishima let out a hiccup.

“She broke up with me.” He admitted, setting his bowl down to wipe his cheeks of fresh tears,+
“It came out of nowhere. We were doing great ya know?”

Katsuki didn’t know what to say. He knew Rin was breaking up with him but he didn’t know what she had told him exactly. Plus he was not the ‘ooo poor alpha, let omega make it better’ type of guy.
“I’m sorry.” He finally said lamely.

“ I’m sorry. I just didn’t….I’m sorry….”

“ I’m sorry. I just didn’t….I’m sorry….” Kirishima wiped his face again, “I don’t know why I….my alpha wouldn’t stop screaming until I texted you…”

“Yeah. Honestly it’s been a lot more active since we reconnected.”

Katsuki didn’t really get it. He understood that alpha’s and omega’s had their inner instincts and some even could hear the voices of their alphas and omegas but he never did.
He chalked it up to being an omega with beta hormones.

“Is that good?”

"It was jarring at first but nice. I missed hearing it in my head, even if- actually nevermind.”

“Even if what Shitty Hair?”

Kirishima gave a nervous chuckle, “It was just saying stupid stuff is all.”
“Define stupid.”

“Um, well...are you-”

“Just tell me.”

“It uh, kept calling you my omega.”

Katsuki felt his jaw drop. He honestly thought that the alpha would reject him as a potential mate, call him broken and worthless the same way his own voices would.
“I know, I know! It’s rude and I shouldn’t have told you and I’m sorry please for-”

“It really thinks that?”

Katsuki’s voice was soft, just teetering on the edge of hopeful. He couldn’t look at the alpha’s face, couldn’t bare to see whatever emotion he had on his face.

“Your doesn’t think I’m broken?”


Katsuki sucked in a breath. His heart was beating out of his chest, hands were shaking in his lap.

“When we saved you at Kamino...Izuku told me that you wouldn’t accept help from him or Shouto or +
Tenya. That it had to be me. And he was right, in more ways than one. Rin...Rin was fine but she wasn’t you. No one could replace you.”

A pair of callused hands gently cupped Katsuki’s cheeks, lifting his gaze to Kirishima’s. He was crying again, but these tears weren’t sad.
Katsuki wanted to kiss him. He wanted to kiss him until they couldn't breath. He wanted to never leave Kirishima's side again.

But it didn't matter what he wanted.

Kirishima it's the one who mattered right now.
So, even as it tore his heart in two, Katsuki pulled the warm hands away from his face and put them back in Kirishima's lap.

"I don't think this is a good idea." He said with a shaky breath.

"What?" The alphas scent which had been staring sweeten soured again.
"You just got out of a relationship and I..." Katsuki took a deep breath, "As much as I want it to be you, I don't think I'm ready."


Katsuki refused to look at the alpha.

"Bakugou, if this is about your medic-"

"No! I mean- yes but-"

"I don't care ab-"

"I know-"
"We'll figure it ou-"


Kirishima blinked, mouth forming his next word with Katsuki's ginger pressed against his lips.

"I didn't say never, just not now."
Katsuki woke up the next morning with a stiff neck and a sweaty palm.

Stiff because he slept on the loveseat, sweaty because he and Kirishima held hands all night long.

Ever since his diagnosis, he'd felt wrong. Broken and useless.

But Kirishima seemed to dull those thoughts.
It became a routine, outside of pack nights they would eat and sleep over anytime he was lonely. Which happened to be at least once a week.

Katsuki didn't mind though, it helped his own loneliness too.
It was about four months after the break up that Miruko told Katsuki that she was sending him as a loner hero for another agency, one off their heroes was on maternity leave.

She didn't say how long, but he guessed at least six months to a year depending on the omega.
What she also didn't tell him was that it was FatGum's agency.

He showed up completely unprepared to see Kirishima decked out in full hero gear.

It has changed over the years, as all hero costumes do and he knew that, had seen it in headlines but seeing it in person?
He was not prepared.

The pauldrons were smaller, more compact. He still had the sleeves but now they extended to cover his shoulders and were connected to a mesh like shirt that was skin tight. His pants stayed the same still tucked into boots but the butt cape was shorter.
And he had metal plating on his knees and elbows that was plated so he could move. The mask was different too, covering more of cheeks and decorated like his teeth when he was Unbreakable.

Katsuki was so unprepared.

"Bak- Ground Zero?"

Professional. Be professional.
((CW: MiriTama, A!Mirio, O!Tamaki, pregnant Tamaki))
"I'm your loner hero."

Kirishima blinked once. Twice. Three times.

"Oh! You're Tamaki's replacement!"

"Ground Zero! Welcome welcome!"

FatGum rounded the corner, arms wide and welcoming like he wanted to give the blond omega a giant hug.

"Uh, thanks."
"Red here'll show you around, fill you in on how we do things." FatGum clapped a hand on Kirishima's shoulder.

The rules were a bit more lax then he was used to but hero work is hero work.

Patrol, do you job, do your paperwork, go home, repeat.
The only thing Katsuki was really worried about was working with Kirishima. They hadn't been partners in years, what if they couldn't fight in sync? What if they weren't compatible anymore?

He didn't have to worry though, it only took then a day before it was like UA again.
The world went crazy after it was announced that SunEater was on medical leave and Ground Zero was on lone to fill the gaps until he was back.

Every piece of media went crazy with theories. Mostly hogwash, though a few insinuated that Katsuki planned to replace SunEater for...
Well, insane reasons that made no sense whatsoever.

About half way through his placement they were working likeva well oiled machine.

Which was really needed as they tried to stop three bank robbers from escaping.
((CW: Fighting, violence, almost drowning, asphyxiation by water, panic attack))
Katsuki should have known it was going too well. One of the robbers was already incapacitated, Kirishima was fighting blow for blow with the one with the beast quirk and that left him with the water manipulator.

She wasn't tough, just annoying because she kept getting him wet.
She only had enough water to keep him at bay which was fine, she'd run out or another hero would show up.

He got too relaxed.

Kirishima threw the beast quirk villain into a fire hydrant. Water gushed everywhere and before Katsuki could do anything he was enveloped.
Water rushed around him, swirling into a ball and holding him in place. Water forced itself into his nose and mouth, he couldn't breath. Couldn't think. Couldn't hear.

Black spots dotted his vision as his lungs fought for air.
He tried to fight, tried to break free but the more he struggled the more he lost.

He saw red as his vision faded completely to black.
He came to coughing up water with Kirishima kneeling next to him, hands shaking over his chest.

"We'll take it from here Red Riot."

Katsuki was too out of it to care who was touching him, helping him cough and heave up the rest of the water in his lungs before loading him +
+ into an ambulance. He passed out again on the way to the hospital, after getting confirmation that the villains had been arrested.

The final time he woke up he was hooked to machines and an iv with a big mop of red hair laying on his knee.

"Oi. Shitty Hair."
His voice was shot, rough and scratchy.

Kirishima didn't move.

"Shitty Hair!" Yelling hurt but it woke the big lug up.

So much so he jolted out of his chair. Ruby eyes were wide, chest heaving in panic before they locked into Katsuki, awake.

"Katsuki! Oh thank God I was-"
The rest of his words came out in blubbers as he latched himself the best he could around the blond.

"Calm down Shitty Hair, it was just water."

Kirishima reeled back, "You almost died. I had to give you cpr."

Oh. That's why his ribs hurt.
"Well, I'm fine now aren't I?"

Kirishima nodded, tears still falling freely down his cheeks. Katsuki raised a hesitant hand to card through loose red hair. It felt awkward and forced.

"Ah, Mr. Bakugou glad to see you're awake."
The doctor walked in then, prompting Kirishima to reluctantly let him go.

After a check up, a prescription for pain killers for his sore ribs and a mandatory four days off to recover.

And Kirishima wouldn't leave his side.
Took him home and refused to leave the omegas apartment.

It was cute, he even fell asleep on the couch, ice cream spoon still sticking out of his mouth.

Katsuki tucked him in with a blanket and went to bed.
((CW: Nightmares, reliving/dreaming about past trauma))
He dreamt about water. Surrounding him, deep and dark. Filling his lungs, blinding him. He didn't know which way was up, he twisted and turned and fought and fought and fought but he couldn't break the surface.

He couldn't breath.

Sinking sinking sinking into black.
Black turned into the smell of smoke. Blue flames, the terrified eyes of his friends and a burning hot hand around the back of his neck.

Then he was flying, reaching out for that outstretched hand.


He missed.

And he falls.

Hope keeps flying away, hand waiting.
It doesn't hurt when he lands. The ground swallows him whole. Wraps around him in a moving mass of dirt and grim.

He can't breath again but he can hear. Hear the screams, hear the laugh, explosions.

He's going to die.

He's going to die.

He's going tO DIE!

Nothing could save him now.


He was alone, surrounded and left to die.


He stopped breathing a long time ago.


He was being crushed, drowned, suffocated.

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