COVID is only airborne when there is an aerosol-generating procedure done on a COVID19+ patient.

It aerosolizes the virus, making it airborne. But in public places, COVID19 follows droplet transmission, not at all airborne.

Guys take note!!!
Airborne viral transmission = gravity CANNOT pull the aerosolized virus down. It stays in the air for ≈ 3-5 hours (as per WHO).

Droplet viral transmission = droplets have weight, ergo, gravity CAN pull them down. This is the basis of 1 meter social distancing.
Droplets include:

• spit/saliva (laway)
• snot (uhog?)
• phlegm (plema)
• sneeze particles (bahing)

Basically oral, nasal, and respiratory secretions.
What are aerosol-generating procedures (AGPs)?

Think of aerosols as like tiny invisible bubbles of air. Sa gaan at liit ng virus, kasya siya don. Sa hospital, may mga AGPs na ginagawa para sa COVID19 positive patients.

AGPs include intubation, extubation, suctioning, etc
So pag ginawa sa mga COVID19 patients etong mga AGPs, it generates aerosols at napapasama sa loob ng aerosol yung virus.

Pag na-inhale mo yung aerosolized virus, mai-infect ka. Kaya may mga doktor na nahahawa, di dahil tanga sila, but bec. kulang ang PPE for airborne hazards.
Pero again, I stress, this airborne transmissibility only happens in the hospital setting. The aerosols are gonna settle down a surface, then die upon surface sterilization (bleach).

Sa mga grocery, palengke, bahay, banko, etc, droplet transmission lang talaga.
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