2. A 37-year-old man who was allegedly facing social boycott by some villagers who suspected he suffered from COVID-19 even after he tested negative died by suicide in Himachal Pradesh's Una: Police https://twitter.com/PTI_News/status/1246767637561872386?s=20
11. A #COVID19 symptomatic man has died by suicide in quarantine ward of a hospital in Shamli district. His report is awaited. Further investigation is underway: District Magistrate Jasjit Kaur https://twitter.com/ANINewsUP/status/1245605672965664769?s=20
18. A farmer has died by suicide in a village in Karnataka's Bidar as watermelons which he grew in his farm have no buyers. https://twitter.com/BangaloreMirror/status/1244915446102409216?s=20
21. Migrant worker, placed in home quarantine after he returned to native Dhamtari district in Chhattisgarh from Tamil Nadu, dies by suicide: Police https://twitter.com/PTI_News/status/1244649906788130819?s=20
22. Man allegedly died by suicide in Madurai because some of his neighbours circulated a video claiming he was Covid-19 positive on social media. He had symptoms and was tested. Results were negative. https://twitter.com/timesofindia/status/1245261444989325313?s=20
23. A petty thief from Meghalaya, who went to earn an honest living in a restaurant in Agra, died by suicide after the lockdown. As per his message to Hibu, the owner of the restaurant didn't offer him any refuge. https://twitter.com/makesyoucakes/status/1244967024368816136?s=20
24. Rudrapur#Uttrakhand via Hindustan dated 7th April 2020, patient in quarantine dies by suicide
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