1/ Thread: Canadian Mathematical Society has a list of #K-12 educational resources on the website that will be updated regularly as we get suggestions from enterprises, students and educators. #homeschooling #flattenthecurve #COVID19 #mathEducation #mathematics
2/The CMS has compiled a list of resources for teachers and students here: https://cms.math.ca/Education/teachers and here: https://cms.math.ca/Education/resources
#homeschooling #COVID19 #mathEducation
3/ they include links to math museums; interactive platforms and forums where students and educators can ask their math questions, discuss teaching strategies and obtain information on lesson plans; 👇 #homeschooling #mathEducation
4/ lessons and information on math history that would familiarise students with the cultural aspects of mathematics; and other math sources. If you know of other resources, don't hesitate to contact us, or message us here on Twitter. #homeschooling #mathEducation
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