Cogsworth & Lumiere - A Twitter Series.
Pilot- Ice in the Hall
Opening shot-
Cogsworth is falling asleep in a great hall that has only a partial roof. The magic that once sustained the structure and its servants is slowly being overcome by a creeping wall of frost.
The castle gates swing rustily on their hinges.
In the forbidden wing the enchanted flower is almost iced completely over.
A pack of wolves howls.
Cogsworth surges awake.
The wolves have found a guest.
If they don't eat him.
Suddenly Cogsworth is barking orders to piles of furniture that previously looked as if it was shattered and frozen. A fire leaps up in the hall's hearth.
The gates cease to swing in the wind.
The howling gets closer.
Belle's father staggers through the blizzard toward what looks like an old ruin. Perhaps there will be shelter from the wind and the wolves there. He's an intelligent man but remembers the old stories about this forest. He shakes off the odd feeling that he is being herded rather
than hunted. A gust of wind knocks him against a wall.
Instead of hitting a wall he falls through the gate. As he falls over the threshold of the castle the gaping hole in the great hall disappears.
The storm raging inside the battered walls and out stops at the outer wall.
In a dark cellar a candle wick lights itself.
Roll credits
Secret end scene
The Broom- We must find him!
Cogsworth - After the last one he disappeared. That was years ago.
People for the humane treatment of furniture advised
And certify this thread as cruelty
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