6 April 2020 - #Coronoavirus As Psyop

Who remembers the Access Hollywood tapes, released by the Democrats and their propaganda arm, the MSM, on 7 October, 2016? I certainly do. I was charting daily data at the time. These charts are from 15 October when I formally made my call.
2) Just a word about my charts. I invented this form of polling data analysis for the Trump Campaign. My data came from the LA Times/USC Dornsife Daybreak Poll. I looked only at their data, and they proved to be the single most accurate source in 2016 in the end.
3) Anyone familiar with technical analysis of stocks and commodities will be instantly familiar with my method, as all I did was port it over to polling data. I use a fantastically simplified version, where all you really need to know are what Support and Resistance lines are.
4) For any candidate, resistance lines result from support for the opposition, support lines, from support for your campaign. It really is that simple. We learned, once the Tramp Campaign gave me permission to publish these charts, that people instantly understood them.
5) Funny thing, the only important thing to understand is the emotion reflected in the lines. No matter what anyone tells you, political support or opposition is vastly more emotional than intellectual. That's what you see on the charts from 15 October 2016. Pure emotion.
6) I don't remember if there was a specific trigger on the 15th, and as I recall, vaguely, there really wasn't. Rather, Steve Bannon's and Trump's strategy of bringing the Clinton victims to the debate, succeeded. What's more, Americans decided the tapes simply didn't matter.
7) When I draw lines, my objectivity comes purely from a data source I trust and respect. But the lines I draw absolutely reflect my own subjective emotions. I will never forget my emotion the day I realized the Access Hollywood Psyop had failed.
8) My friends, the Democrats and all their cohorts have continued from then till now in their perpetual attacks by way of these ever-escalating psychological operations. This is the root and core of their method, it is all they have left to them. And it has a tell tail hallmark.
9) Make no mistake, I'm NOT saying that the #Coronavirus is anything but real. It is absolutely real, in the exact manner that it actually was Trump's voice on the tapes. They did NOT deep fake the tapes. This virus is killing people. It has been perfectly designed to do so.
10) But it is not the deaths, the sickness, the overwhelm of our medical systems that is the target of this operation. It is your sadness, your despair, your giving up of hope that is the target. He who is sick and poor, weak and financially broke, without a job, will despair.
11) Again, it is not the sickness and death, the economic destruction and loss of jobs that is the real goal of this operation. It is the emotional overwhelm, the spiritual surrender that is the objective. Let's look at it from the reverse perspective, that of joy.
12) Through every one of their previous operations, until this current Coronavirus operation, they had never been able to destroy the joy that @POTUS gave us, his MAGA Movement. He thrilled us, again and again, always coming through, never surrendering.
13) None of their previous missions succeeded in destroying our joy. We had renewed hope. We knew that with the Trump Economy there was no way the Democrats, with their abysmal field of non-talents running, to the selection of Joe Biden as their so-weak champion. No chance.
14) With the destruction of our joy as their objective, and with each passing failed operation, they learned they would have to do more than merely tell lies and manipulate the political process. What was needed was a real attack. Tangible, irrefutable, unstoppable.
15) While the Chinese have been studying and experimenting with virus design for many decades, I have no doubt left that their work took on a new fury in 2017. And, what's more, I'm pretty clear as to the trigger, releasing this microscopic monster into the world.
16) While they had likely already seeded some infection into target communities prior, I believe the go-decision came in December, when the WTO finally collapsed due to Trump's brilliant strategy. It's economy in tatters, facing complete financial ruin, the CCP went operational.
17) There's no need to rehash the events from then till now. We face a looming apex, when our deaths will begin to taper. New cases will flatten and reduce, and whatever is to come after that will begin to appear. We're a week or two away from that moment.
18) The question facing us, is will we have any joy left, or will it all be gone? And we is, very specifically targeted. It is the the MAGA Movement. Writ large, it is bigger, it is We The People of these United States who have always been in search of a more perfect union.
19) The strange thing about such global psyops is to be found in both their successes and their failures. Their success is built upon sadness. Their failure is generated by joy. Joy is the cure. Sadness the disease. Each of these is a mere ephemeral moment in the soul.
20) We've worked on this before, and will again. How does one find joy in the face of death, illness, financial chaos and ruin, loss of work, loss of economic momentum? We know the steps, and they come from Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross' work on the cycle of grieving.
21) There is a great gap in the American psyche, and our enemies know precisely how to penetrate that gap to their advantage. We live in denial of our deepest emotions. We often say things like: don't grieve me when I'm gone, just move on and stay positive.
22) Our American psyche suffers from a gigantic strain of denial. And it's interesting that that is Dr. KR's first of five stages. Here they are again:

1) Denial
2) Anger
3) Bargaining
4) Depression
5) Acceptance
23) If we're going to heal ourselves after this evil virus has wreaked its havoc and spent at least some of its force as a nation, we will HAVE to complete all five stages of grief. Without that, the psyop will succeed. It is the first they've used since 2016 with a real chance.
24) From my readings on the process of grief and grieving, I see a missing element. It wouldn't be stage 6, but rather stage 1 of the new chapter following the process of accepting loss. And that would be JOY. After acceptance, complete acceptance, new joys arise.
25) In my work as a coach, I often note that new joys, following hellacious loss, trigger a strange sensation of guilt. Why aren't the flowers ugly now, we ask? Why does the air smell so clean after the rain? How does the world go on? Will I just forget my beloved who died?
26) In these moments, there is a great key that I've discovered and it comes in the term: blessing. When an adult child's parent has passed, and new joys arise, triggering these emotions of guilt, I always focus on the blessing the passed beloved would grant.
27) For example, I ask, wouldn't your father want you to take time to literally smell the roses, now, if he were here to guide you? Wouldn't he look down from above and smile when you do so? And how much more meaningful if you dedicate the moment to his memory and love.
28) The term legacy is even larger. What is your beloved parent's legacy within your life, your heart and soul? We are beginning to lose many souls to this evil virus as I type. What will be their legacy? Will we let them die as the means of losing the soul of America Herself?
29) I propose that we marry ourselves to Her, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, until death do us part, but She shall be enhanced by the legacy of our lives' work. And the answer to this challenge, the evil virus, is the joy we attain on the other side.
30) This psyop is founded on a biological, an economic, but most of all a social attack. Society has emotions, just as an individual does. This is an attack against the joyful culture of America. We must not, and shall not allow it to succeed.
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