Covid-19 has changed the political landscape but there are still many actions we can take from home. I know it may seem daunting at the moment but this does not mean we stop trying to GOTV. We adjust and keep going. This is a list of action items for your consideration.
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Often our disabled, retired, etc. are on limited income. Many want to help and more importantly have the time but not $. If able reach out and offer to send them the supplies. Trust me it is a very rewarding experience.
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Call your MOCs daily about the issues important to you. There are so many to choose from…voting integrity, implementing vote by mail where not currently available, USPS funding etc.. Get passionate about one & light up the phones!
Switchboard: 202-224-3121.

Find your U.S. Senator:

Find your U.S. Rep: 
Have a cause you are passionate about and want to create a petition to promote it? You can do that here: 
“Top things students across the country can do right now to activate and impact the 2020 elections:”
Reach out via social media to make sure people are registered to vote and, if not, help them to get registered.
Find your candidate’s campaign website (usually in Twitter bio or can find using Google search) and see if they have ways for you to help. Many will post phonebanking opportunities on their website.
If your candidate has not established a Twitter page reach out and offer to set one up for them. I have seen many who are on Facebook but not Twitter. Gently let them know Resistance strength is here and not on Facebook 😉
I hope you find a task that resonates with you! Being productive will also help with quarantine boredom 🤪

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