As a #RespiratoryTherapist ,I have the job of facing this #COVID19 monster in the face. I feel blessed to have the knowledge of #ventilators and respiratory disease to help and am humbled by my lack of knowledge of a new and unknown adversary. #MondayMorning
No, I do not recommend medications that aren't @US_FDA approved. There are interactions and side effects to consider. Any medication capable of killing or touching such a dangerous virus could potentially kill us as well. Do not listen to the wrong people and die. Gain an
understanding through consistent and accurate information and testing. NOBODY who has zero medical knowledge should be telling scared individuals to take something they shouldn't. We WILL beat this. Together. Intelligently. Then those who endangered us can be held accountable
As is usually the case, those who endanger the most people have a tendency to survive. Perhaps it is God's way of making sure those on Earth can have closure here before he sends them downstairs for their punishment. #COVID19 #coronavirus #TrumpAccountability #VoteBlue2020
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