As our contribution to Namibia's fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Foster team has built an interactive statistics website to help keep track of the virus and its progression in the country.

The site is now live and you can access it here: 
The objective of the site is to have a centralized platform for COVID-19 data relating to Namibia.

This will ensure that policymakers, businesses, NGOs and the general Namibian public make decisions informed by timely data during these difficult times.
The information on the website is presented visually using interactive infographics to make the data less overwhelming, engaging and easy for everyone to understand.
At present, the Foster team compiles data for the site from various sources, including official government communications and newspapers.

This places certain limitations on the timeliness and possible accuracy of the data.
Going forward, we would like to collaborate with credible sources of information such as @MhssNamibia and @MICTNamibia , to ensure the information on the site is accurate and timely.

You can help us achieve this by sharing the website and retweeting this thread.
If you would like to make any suggestions regarding the site or to contribute in any other way, don't hesitate to email us on [email protected]
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