On the fifth floor, in the first ward, five persons are awaiting their test results and tests have not been conducted on 19 of them. On the same floor, in the second ward, which has 30 patients, there are six positive cases.
“But these six persons have not been kept in isolation. They are still in the same ward as the others. Even if there were people who did not have the infection, they are likely to contract it now because of the negligent set up at the hospital,” underscored the nurse.
“There are several patients here who need medicines for their pre-existing conditions such as hypertension, cholesterol and diabetes. Their medicines are running out. We asked the support staff, but they were not willing to help. How can we survive an infection in this case? ...
...Moreover, drinking water has been given to us in a bucket. Is this how the Delhi government intends to take care of us,”

lamented another person in the surgical ward.
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