Mini Lyric Videos related to #ILoveYousince1892

Credits to the owners of audios used in the creation of the videos. Thank you.

Will update this thread once I was able to create lyric video related to #ILYS1892 - @BinibiningMia_

You may also leave suggestions below.

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Mayakap Kang Muli - @marlo_mortel

Suggested by a fellow sunshine in our facebook group chat.

#ILoveYousince1893 #MarloMortel #MarNella
Duyog - Jewel Villaflores (short lyric video)

Does anyone here remember the fireflies scene in Ilog Abatan with Carmela and Juanito? This song reminds of that scene and makes me fall in love more with them. ❤

@BinibiningMia_ @noinkofficial
Halik sa Hangin - @superjanella

This song is added to this thread in my own preference. Dunno but it feels like Carmela is telling me that she hopes for another chance to be with Juanito since he is the only guy whom she experienced happiness.

@BinibiningMia_ #iloveyousince1892
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