For those who love documentaries, here's a list of about 250 docus on YouTube you can watch as you #StayAtHome .
A Thread.
On the President's Orders
Putin's Way
Children Separated at the Border
America's Great Divide 1& 2
Secrets of the Vatican
The Secret History of ISIS
Netanyahu at War
Inside Putin's Russia

Putin's Secret Riches
HSBC the Bank of Tax Cheats
Inside Terminal 4 Terminal of Tomorrow
Inside Air Force One
Warlords of Ivory
Al Qaeda Ambush Battle of Takur Ghar
Tesla Motors - Elon Musk
Donald Trump’s Private Jet
Megastructures Airbus A380
Natgeo Cont'd
Megastructures; Aldar HQ Abu Dhabi Worlds First Round Skyscraper
Megastructures; Korea Engineering Underwater Highway Busan
Children in Prison for Life
Pablo Escobar the King of Coke
The Lost Gorillas of the Virunga
Secrets of US President's Marine One Helicopter
BLOOMBERG Game Changers;
Daredevil Billionaire, Arrested for Tax Evasion, Hacked by British Airways and comes out on Top

Game Changers; Netflix

Jeff Bezos Revealed; Building Amazon One Box at a Time

Jon Stewart; How the Fake Newsman Won Over America
Larry Ellison; Billionaire Samurai Warrior of Silicon Valley
Magic Johnson Basketball & Business
Mark Cuban How I Became a Billionaire
Mark Zuckerberg Building the Facebook Empire
Ralph Lauren How I Built a Fashion Empire
Sergey Brin & Larry Page inside the Google Brother's Mas
Broken Dreams; the Boeing 787

Spy Merchants

Kill him silently Mossad vs Khaled Meshaal

Gaza; the Last Picture

Ghosts of Medellin

I Knew Saddam

Yemen; the Last Lunch

Iraq; a Deadly Deception

Hacked; The Bangladesh Bank Heist

Singapore, the world's richest city
Kenya-Lighting Up

The Dark Side

Syria-The Battle Beyond

China's Fake Boyfriends

This is Taliban Country

Kenya's Enemy Within

Genocide Agenda

Murder in Kinshasa-

Somaliland Kill All but the Crows-

Yemen Pulling the Strings

India, Pakistan & Partition Borders of Blood
North Korea the Death of Kim Jong-nam

Sierra Leone Timber

The Oligarchs

Killing Arafat

The Poachers Pipeline

China's Left-Behind Generation

Colombia under the Knife

I knew Bin Laden
PEOPLE & POWER (Al Jazeera)

How to Rob Africa

Magic and Murder

The Nigerian Connection

From Africa’s Palms

West Africa's opioid crisis

Secret Sardinia

Germany; the coal war

Entertaining Africa

Science Africa

Technology pays

Transforming food

Tech teaching

How Israel Rules the World of Cyber Security

Juiced Up -The Consequences of Steroids

This Is How Easy It Is To Get Hacked

Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan

Corruption, Cocaine and Murder in Trinidad

Crime & Punishment in the Gaza Strip

Ghosts of Aleppo
In Saddam's Shadow-Baghdad 10 Years after the Invasion

Inside America's Billion Dollar Divorce Industry

Libya's Quiet War; the Tuareg of South Libya

Living in the Sewers of Colombia

Mexican Oil and Drug Cartels Cocaine & Crude

Monkey Meat and the Ebola Outbreak in Liberia
Pakistan after Bin Laden

State of Surveillance' with Edward Snowden and Shane Smith

Swaziland Gold Mine of Marijuana

This Is What Life Is Like with a Gigantic Penis Monster Meat

United in Hate the Fight for Control in CAR

600 Pound Mom Gets Paid to Eat
Garbage Island an Ocean Full of Plastic

The Devastating Effects of Pollution in China

The Gun Markets of Pakistan

The Nepalese Honey That Makes People Hallucinate

The Hermit Kingdom

The African Terror Group No One Is Talking About

Guns for God the Church of the AR-15

Toiling in paradise; seasonal work in Santorini

North Korea; All the dictator's men

How poor people survive in the USA

Venezuela; Humanitarian crisis and the fight for power

Madagascar - plundering an island’s treasures

The rich, the poor and the trash
Who was Karl Marx?
Interpol - who controls the world police?
Iran-The Shah and the Ayatollah
Tesla and Elon musk- The Future of electric cars
Better brain health
Drought and floods the climate exodus
Deadly waste from raw materials
Sex for sale in Spain
WikiLeaks public enemy

Putin's Secret Riches

The Rise and fall of Nokia

My stolen childhood- understanding the Trokosi system -

Malawi's Human Harvest

Afghanistan War without End War

North Korea Undercover

Vladimir Putin the World Most Powerful President
BBC Cont'd
The Great Euro Crisis

Maids for Sale Silicon Valley’s Online Slave Market

My Bloody Country

Sweet codeine; Nigeria's cough syrup crisis

Imported for my body The African women trafficked to India for sex
RANDOM docus on YT

A Murder in the Family-Real Stories

CIA assassination attempts exposed - 638 Ways to Kill Fidel Castro

Dear Zachary; a Letter to a Son about His Father -

Tyrants and Dictators - Manuel Noriega

Megastructures Panama Canal - Extreme Engineering
RANDOM cont'd
Secret Life of the Long Haul Flight

The Profiteers – Africa Uncensored

The Hidden Brutality of Qatar's FIFA World Cup Preparations-Journeyman

Minimalism; A Documentary about the important things

Abandoned at birth- the cursed twins of Madagascar
RANDOM cont'd
The Kennedy Curse - Kennedy Family Tragedies

Chechnya; Republic of Contrasts- RT

Holy Land; Startup Nations-WIRED

Inside Mexico's Drug Labs - Narco State - Sky News

Los Zetas; Most Ruthless and Dangerous Cartel in Mexico
Sex, Drugs & Refugees. Syrian teenagers in Athens resort to prostitution to survive

The Mafia's Secret Bunkers- Real Stories

The Night That Changed Germany's Attitude to Refugees-Journeyman

The Boy with the Incredible Brain -Real Stories

Evolution of Evil-Benito Mussolini
I'm £20,000 In Debt-Spendaholics

Inside Malaysia's Gruesome Snake Skin Trade-Journeyman

On the Front Lines with the Taliban-Fault Lines

The Mysterious Animal Gangs of Nigeria-Hyena Men-Real Wild

Biggest cargo aircraft- ANTONOV 124

Four Horsemen
Biography-Pablo Escobar-Mind blowing Documentaries

Boeing 747-8 Mega factories Documentary- Boeing's latest Jumbo Jet!

Jon Stewart has left the building- MSNBC

Malaysia Sex-Slave Raping & Selling Girls

Panama Papers the Shady World of Offshore Companies
Panama Papers Inside the shady world of tax havens counting the Cost

The Age of Stupid

The Dark Side of Chocolate Modern Slavery

The death of Pablo Escobar

The Jihadist Next Door- Channel 4

The Rich Kids of Instagram

Killing bin Laden-60 Minutes
Conflict Minerals, Rebels and Child Soldiers in Congo

Finding Fela

Chasing Edward Snowden- Anonymous

Clinton cash

Constructing Tallest Building in the World Burj Khalifa

Eritrea Africa's North Korea Blackout
Evicted & Abandoned How the World Bank Broke Its Promise to Protect the Poor

Football's Most Dangerous Rivalry

Oil Money - Desert to Greatest City - Dubai

On the Frontlines of Ukraine's Proxy War between the West and Russia
Poor Millionaire Athletes fleeced by friends, lawyers and self-styled advisors-NTV

The Mafia Is Trashing Italy

Burkina Faso Revolution the End of a Dictator

Thomas Sankara the Upright Man

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport - World’s Busiest Airport
Deadliest Roads Guinea

Ultimate Airport Dubai

Imperfect Union the Eurozone in Crisis

The Spectacular Rise and fall of WeWork

Addicted To Spending Documentary 2018

Millennials & Debt No Room to Maneuver
Exposing Jeffrey Epstein's international sex trafficking ring -60 Minutes

Guilty the Conviction of Cardinal Pell

Boko Haram Horror Stories and Confessions

The Viagra Epidemic among Young Men and Its Dangers

Why Lean Became Rap’s Most Wanted Drug
Jail without Walls - How does that work!

Selling sex underage victims of sex tourists in the Dominican Republic

Jerusalem Three religions, three families
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