Spill or Drink with no brain gang gang. ✋🏻

#. the whole thread will be based on the writer’s pov henceforth will have no correlation with the person that the writer is portraying.
O1. oblivion.
O2. Mina, music, books.
O4. an empty husk, patiently waiting to fill and to be filled, neither in joy nor sorrow.
O5. sincere affection and honesty.
O6. at this point, anywhere.
O7. humor. way of thinking. upbringing and personality.
O8. random loud noises. unnecessary bickering. pressure.
O9. home made meal, coffee, tea, and movies or games. curled up in bed. cuwdles. and more cuwldes. 🥺
1O. Yeon.
11. being lied to. betrayals. selfishness.
12. surprises. random cute messages. sudden clinginess. random gestures of gratitude. all the little things included, really. 🥺
13. babie mood. 🍼
14. is this alright? will everything be alright, eventually?
15. rudeness.
16. someone who plays games thus we can play together. open-minded and willing to explore new things with me, new hobbies, new movies, etc. has sense of humor but knows when to be serious. understanding and honest. act freely but responsibly. willing to help each other grow. 🥺
procrastinating /lmao yes/
fixing my hair at the most random timing ever /i have no idea why, probably the wind/
18. thank you, next.
19. Jiyeon.

a halfway home for hearts that have been broken before, hearts that were crumbling, hearts that needed mending. welcomed any splintered soul and promised them warmth and safety. took care of each of them with all her might and let go of them when they’re ready to love again.
21. be genuine. eventually, i’ll let you see my dark crevices. when you do, despite them being fragile, don’t pity. be gentle and understand them with care. communication is the key and honesty is the foundation of all. humor and effort as well. 👀
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