it's important that during lockdown we all remember to be as productive as possible so we don't fall behind on our responsibilities, I for one have played MANY games of dungeons and dragons
I've also had time to carry a book around the house from room to room that I fully intend to read at some point

It's done about 7 full circuits by now
lest we forget the importance of staying on top of the news, I have not looked at it for 3 weeks and if the apocalypse comes then at least I'll be in ignorant bliss right until the last moment
additional free time has been allocated to making a list of

books I have been lent and never returned (this is okay)

books I have lent out that were never given back (this is not okay)
the work email inbox is sitting at about 30000000 unread and I'm idly wondering how high the number can go before it breaks but I shall not open it

that would be letting it win
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