It takes a brute to raise his hand on a woman no matter the level of provocation.

Infact, expect it! Expect the worse provocation you can get. Don't tell me she pushed you.

If you'll see women as one to be pampered & managed, rather than dominate... #MondayMotivation
it will change your perspective & approach completely toward their misdemeanors.

Secondly, what you're not, situation can't bring out of you. It's just been buried there all along but you didn't realize it.

Even brute beasts don't beat their women.
So don't be less than a brute
I used to say in pidgin,
"if you scratch body the way e dey do you, you go peel your skin"

So if you'll approach a woman by what she tells you, you'd literally kill her

It's better you go & stay on the "roof top" & allow for some calm 🤣

Ladies should I increase the volume? 😂
Women are very emotional & verbose beings. And with unstable hormones, sometimes expect the worse from them & play along

So cut the lady some slack it's not easy to be shedding blood monthly abeg 😌

Be a loving & understanding dad, hubby, best friend, priest, even doctor sef 😂
And for you sister, nor go dey do pass yourself o

There's a difference btw "six" & "half a dozen" o

All men arenot the same. Some lack home training 😂. All they Sabi na gbas gbos.
So better know your man & tell egungun to be very careful😂.

I'm out 🏃🏃🏃

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