Ok unpopular opinion:
Nothing is going to change post #ChineseVirus19 across the world!
1. People will continue to commute to work - WFH will not be a permanent feature, it will be situation based
2. People will continue living in nuclear families -
Like they've always done, all this "spending time with family" etc is all fancy for a few days. Once the #lockdownindia is done people will distance themselves socially and people who have lived with their families will continue to do so
3. Eating out will happen...
..and crazily - admit it you are addicted to fatty fried food and you will gorge on it the moment you are released, and "hey I've been in a lockdown for 20+ days I deserve this" will your cover and will become a normal
4. Swiggy, Zomato, Dineout, easydiner will all put out...
..More offers so that you nurture your addictions.. 25% discount, free shooters, restaurants that you MUST try.. etc
5. Binge watching of TV series and addiction to social media isn't going anywhere - lesser said the better
6. Environment - seriously f..k the environment..
.. 750crore people to feed, clothe and house, driven by leverage and promise of better life! Do the math the West and Scandinavia can take a walk!
7. People will continue not planning and will live their life one day at a time (imagine that shit song IMAGINE by that...
..poser Lenon playing) and creating a mad rush scene everytime there is an emergency
8. Sullahs will be Sullahs - no need to exaggerate on this!
... everything else will fall under the above 8 categories!!
End of Rant!!
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