So, if you’re not social distancing by now you’re a fool. If youre like me and mine, we are in week 3 or 4 of 10 or 20 weeks. Maybe longer? So one thing i know we are all struggling with is the uncertainty of making plans! Some thoughts:
I numbered this thread not in sequence or to count tweets but rather so it might spark several discussions about concepts. I numbered the concepts, basically.
1) we need to come up with a way of agreeing WHEN QUARANTINE ENDS. This is hard because we can’t trust the CDC to be apolitical & we don’t want to endanger anyone. So i dont know what method we choose but we NEED to have a definite, unanimous agreement on it. Why? Because:
2) we need to change our calendar. Nevermind the months and days, but it is about time for a new era and Year system. I know some are going to piss and moan about this but i am totally serious: what else WOULD make our globe reset its calendar if not THE MOST GLOBAL EVENT..

I believe setting the year back to zero on that day will be good for global morale and remind us we aren’t going backward. I’m very serious about this idea.
3) now, about Day 1 of Year Zero, PC (Post-Corona, but i also chose PC because it will make racists mad), it is time to make plans! We dont know if this will be April 14 or August 22nd, so plan wisely, but planning is perfectly okay!
For example, a friend and I may agree that on Day 1, we will get together to plan a party for all our friends whose birthdays happened during the coronavirus quarantine. That’s evergreen! That could happen on a Tuesday or Friday, June or October! Thats a POST CV PLAN! Consider:
4) i know folks are anxious to go back to their fave bars and restaurants. Unfortunately the first few days of Year Zero are not going to be a good time for that. We need at least 5 or 6 days to get restaurant and bar staff pulled back together, prep, announce reopening etc.
5) a lot of public places are going to be overwhelmed. Parks, trails, beaches. Assuming Day 1 is a summer day, i expect us to all wanna soak up the sun in a big crowd. Plan wisely. But theres a real need here to do something important before the Year Zero bacchanal begins
6) Day 1, probably 1 through 3 or even far more, need to be days where we can come together to grieve. The worst part of coronavirus as far as i have been concerned is the vast number of dead who had to die alone - more than 9,000 in the US THIS MONTH, 70k globally so far
Many of whom cant have funerals or any kind of wake or celebrationof life, at the most human time to come together: in death.
So plan right now that Day 1 of year 0, when we all agree the quarantine is over, will be a day to weep, wail, mourn, and gather to celebrate the lives and remember all the lives lost. Memorials in every city and town. Herald the beginning of the new era by symbolizing those lost
7) in the same instance, where we mark our new calendar & recall losses, we have to state what defines the new era. All the neoliberal false truths have come unraveled. We have progressed. We will not go back to the before. The end of the era of Arrogant Death, 2020 AD, is past.
We have our first week back to define our new order. If we don’t make immediate use of that space, the infinite potential of the new era beginning, we will be crammed back into the boxes from before the plague. They will force us to behave as though this death did not happen.
If we do not honor our dead with a new way of life, the rulers of the dying AD social order will dishonor their memories and call us back in to work for the same low wages, the same grueling hours, the same thankless shifts that preceeded the mass coronavirus deaths.
8) Day 2 is when every unnecessary industry and renter should announce a strike, crashing their optimistic stock market, bleeding the rent-takers, and flexing the muscles built during this era of deprivation to mutually aid and support our neighbors and friends.
Something about the first month of Year Zero is profoundly exciting and also scary. Globally we know fascists are desperate to hold power, take away rights, discriminate, start wars, repress dissenters, and keep enabling exploitation. These undignified jerks are armed.
The only choice is to confront the fascists directly with our new way, remind them we have reset the calendar, and show them we do not need their bigotry, idolatry, inhumanity, indignity, or disrespect in the new era. Show them we can function without their biased systems.
9) either we live in an unchanging present, where we accept all of history as perfectly fine and good, up to and including all the needless deaths of the very recent past, or we move to change it. Does it really matter if the bigots never accept that we live in 0, PC?
10) my final suggestion is we spend the quarantine preparing for the new world, imagining Day 1. Cultiavte a daily routine built on sustenance and satisfaction and social relationships. Check in with the crew, make dinner, smile, and read.
11) Week one of the PC era should also be a celebration of our glorious vital workers who have kept us alive and running during the last days of AD. Let’s celebrate them in how we design the social order, and give them raises and some extra time off.
12) We still have our imaginations, friends. We can see the other side of this, if we try. We can make Day 1 plans, prepare a Day 10 party for our homies, we can ready the new world to replace this one that is collapsing. It is scary but so is everything, & what would be worse...
...spending all this time afraid only to end up back where you were on February 10th, 2020 AD, or enduring this fear and uncertainty to wake up on Day 1, Year 0 PC, with a new world at your fingertips and control taken back from the architects of global destruction and death?
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