The implications are fraught for any sovereign country that agrees to contract with Huawei for 5G. The Chinese Communist Party is the de facto owner of the tech giant, and the CCP makes no secret of its plans for global domination.
Behind the scenes, Johnson is said to be furious with China for many reasons, not least of which is his own positive test result for COVID-19 on March 27.

Furthermore, a recent shipment of test kits bound for the UK were found to be contaminated with coronavirus.
The test kits were assembled in Luxembourg by food safety and laboratory testing services firm Eurofins. The infected elements are “probes and primers,” the long, thin swabs that medical personnel use to collect samples from the nasal and oral cavities.
Eurofins claims the infected parts were “supplied by other countries”. This is the diplomatic language that sounds like a dogwhistle to ears attuned to China’s role in the spread of the virus. The infamously politically correct British authorities aren’t pushing the matter.
The question is clear: how does a coronavirus test become infected with…the coronavirus? Why is this not the headline in every newspaper right now? Who is responsible for potentially infecting scores of Britons?
Johnson is angry with China for delaying their reporting on the spread of the virus at the outset & misrepresenting the number of Chinese infected & killed by the virus. Intelligence from Chinese crematoriums suggest that fatalities are 15-40 times higher than official figures
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