Those who are scoffing that "nothing went wrong with the grid yesterday" should be enormously thankful instead of smug. The POSOCO report on the PM's event yesterday evening shows quite clearly what an "unprecedented challenge" it was (their words not mine).
POSOCO had advised all regions to ensure that the black start units were in good condition. If that does not signal how worried they were, I don't know what will.
The entire system through which supply is dispatched had to be modified.Generators with fast ramping capacities, i.e. hydro units, had to be used at full capacity at that time so their use at times otherwise advised (typically to manage peaks) was curtailed.
Thermal generators had to be ramped down to the least possible capacity and then ramped up again. FYI, using col-fired boilers like this is NOT environmentally friendly and before anyone says it, yes it is also ironically a problem with the Earth Hour.
The cost of having done this is going to be significant. Who is going to pay that cost? Consumers of electricity across the country. Irritatingly even those like me who did not participate in yesterday's song and dance. All of this for what?
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