May I request everyone I have a suggestion if you all like please consider and retweet
As I observed it's not actually the real #SidNaaz #ShehNaazians or #SidHearts who create problems but actually some random non existent haters who just using our name try to create rift
So what we can do I all the official handles should take responsibility and on the basis of the previous tweet hiatory of their followers or who claims to be fan should be recognized by some unique identity though it's quite difficult but if we successfully do this #SidNaaz
It will stop all the drama like in Devo case it was claimed that audio was from our fandoms but no one knows who was he or she
So to avoid such issues in future we should recognize the actual people by some identification
And moreover
Those who join new will be observed first
Then only that person will be approved
I think by doing this atleast we can not only save our idols but also
Avoid embarrassment of our fandoms too
We have to recognize some way of doing this I request all the big handles to take care of it @Ohudeadppl @TripsIsLove
This might seems to be difficult but not impossible if we try we can do this if we can do SNIT we can make excellent VMS we can do millions trend we can stream video day night then why not this
And yes
Nothing is impossible
Bcoz kuch logo ki vjah Se all suffers
I request all who are going through this thread if you know any big handles do tag them in comment sections who can take care of this do that I approach them
Not only #SidNaaz handles but also #Shehnaazians and #SidHearts too please
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