John buchanan who led australia - 16 consecutive test matches, ICC champions trophy, and three consecutive worldcups - talking to us about what it takes to bounce back. “What you control is how you respond” #MondayMotivation @Pickyourtrail @Shankar_Srinath 1/n
The best way to overcome these kind of crisis where you have limited control on the ever changing present is to imagine and look at 9-12 month future. How would things be then? How would you want to be then? And use that to set direction. 2/n
Having a foot in the present is also important. If you cant manage today’s motivation and work load, you cant play in the future. Some things that you are doing today will be crucial for you to get to the future. Being present mentally is key. 3/n
In tough times convincing self is very important. Especially in such fast changing scenarios, you need to revisit decisions quite often. Your resilience as a leader is truly tested. Decisions need to be rolled back, teams need to be changed. The future vision is a key anchor 4/n
Is a key anchor for you to revisit decisions. Hanging in there is not easy. The muscles tend to ache a lot as you keep holding on. Thats also the best way to strengthen them. Staying put(resilient), being mentally in the present, aligning for the future are key. 5/n
We then asked him about how to handle disagreements in leadership- diagreements are healthy friction to have in an org. If you have an over arching goal, then its easier to manage and work around these disagreements. Otherwise its one’s view point over anothers’ 6/n
Much needed session for the team and self. Buchanan came back from the dumps to win ashes 5-0, a world cup and t20 world cup. Being in the dumps is the worst one can get to. The way is only upward from here on. :)
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