1. Language is a guide to our social reality. Those who manipulate language do so to manipulate your perception of reality

"Neo-liberalism" is authoritarianism by deception. The label itself is deceptive. If you accept their definitions, labels & terms you accept their reality.
2. The establishment will only ever use negative terms to describe you:
Extremist, Nazi, Supremacist, racist

These are emotive terms (trigger words, backed up by propaganda) that create an immediate negative reaction in the subconscious mind and bypass rationality..
3. This is similar to war time propaganda, in which the opposition is never allowed to be viewed as anything less than a monster. The goal is to make it near impossible to sympathise with the enemy of the State. The "enemy" is evil.
4. This is why we must never embrace negative labels nor confirm their artificial reality.

This isn't "cucking", this is rejecting deceptive language in favour of honest language. Which allows us to communicate clearly and present ourselves & our goals with clarity
5. This is why I'm not a fan of referring to the state with fluffy terms like "Liberal" & "democratic" - Positive labels that remind people of "freedom" and "The people"

This couldn't be further from the truth. We're not free and have no democratic representation.
6. As dissidents, we're not here to oppose sunshine & rainbows, but authoritarian, genocidal, freaks

The broader Right/centre is already preprogrammed to oppose communism & satanism

A good reason to label the op as commies and globalists & refer to their actions as "demonic".
7. There's a subset of the right determined to keep us entrapped in the language & ideology matrix that will "akshually" you to death if you move beyond pre-set ideologies and reject their false dichotomies.

They work within the same realm as those who validate pronouns.
8. The brand of "Racist Marxism" sold as right-wing dissident politics is not only useless, it's harmful and counterproductive. It's an approach that will ensure we remain as a niche and impotent movement incapable of reaching the masses, let alone moving them.
9. "But it's small groups of dedicated men that change the.. "

That's true... But they do so by moving the masses.

If your goal is nationalism, you need a critical mass. If you don't believe that's achievable, why are you here?
10. The goal is to be an attractive movement, and the result will be an effective movement.

A HUGE part of this relies on effective communication & propaganda. Which is only made possible through bypassing linguistic trickery & entrapment.

We = Good
Them = Bad
11. The dissident right has a fairly solid foundation. Where it struggles is in its ability to expand and find resonance with regular people.

At this point, utilisation of linguistics, marketing & basic human psychology is what's missing.
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