Solos are blaming #SidNaaz will affect their individuality.

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Deepveer,sahrukh-kajol and many rumoured gf bf like ranbir-alia are loved madly together.
Actually this thing always keeps them limelight.
A buzz is always around them
Whole media behind them
Actually in this industry such couple thing always keep you in limelight and demand of news portals.

So is the case with #SidNaaz
Just look around
#SidNaaz is in every news portal

They are getting best limelight .
Every news portal want to cover them
What does all that mean?

They are always in news
All directors, producers will be curious to work with not just as a couple but individually

Deepveer, kajol-shahrukh are madly loved as couple. But that doent mean it affect their individuality.
In the end everyone's talent decide their popularity.
They skills will decide their individual career and this #SidNaaz tag will actually help get them more opportunity
And this couple thing is a very big tool in this industry to get more opportunity.
I am not saying Sid or Sana are intentionally using #SidNaaz to get something
They are naturally getting so much limelight without doing anything withoit being vocal about their relationship because we have seen pure love in bb and whole world is connected to this love.
So jo bhi bol rha h #SidNaaz ki vjh se unki individuality affect hogi.
Jaake homework krke aao.
Aur rhi baat SidNaaz fandom ki to vo ek family h aur kitna bhi aake hme bajao hm nhi hilne vaale. Kyoki #SidNaaz tune ke liye nhi bna.
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