If Adam Schiff is on TV, he's lying about the president -- the pandemic response office wasn't disbanded

Then Schiff, who has hijacked the intel committee for his own partisan purposes for YEARS, complains about wasting time

POTUS shut off travel, you were crying about Ukraine
If there were all these "red flags" President Trump was ignoring (while POTUS was shutting down travel *in January*) why wasn't Schiff saying anything?

Adam Schiff has been leaking classified intel for years. So weird how he wouldn't leak any of these "warnings" he speaks of 🙄
Why? Because Schiff wasn't holding ANY briefings on China, Syria or anything, unless it had to do with his phony impeachment crusade

@DevinNunes had to get his own separate briefing on Baghdadi

Schiff's partisan witch hunts hurt our national security
On 1/14/20 @DevinNunes told @IngrahamAngle how Adam Schiff had done "virtually no hearings" on China

"They've also ruined the House Intelligence Committee"

"How about China?...That's the threat. That's the threat to the U.S."
Adam Schiff is a liar, leaker, & a disgrace

No bad new script from a failed Hollywood screenwriter can rewrite history

Schiff wasn't holding hearings on actual nat'l security threats. He turned the intel committee into a partisan leak factory to manufacture a phony impeachment
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